Music making my world go round!

Have you ever sat somewhere, office or a bus, listening to your music and feeling like any second the whole world would bust into a synchronized dance and start following the beat that is beating against your ear drum?

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I am sitting right now in the office quite sleepy and drowsy.. the worst thing about these jobs has always been the backache that I seem to get almost as soon as I start working and this time too, my back is on the verge of killing me. The pain can be quite terrible at times and therefore most of the day, you would find me constantly rearraging myself on the chair, shifting from one position to other!  Continue reading

New Blogging Ventures!

Have I shared with you my publication over at “The News Blog”? No? Well then let me take the chance today to do just that! I dont know what I have been doing lately and where is my head!

But I have had two publications that have appeared over there! And you can simply click here and read aall about The youth Parliament!

And here is the link to my second post! Its about a topic that is much close to my heart and is the book review of the Last Book that was ever written by “baba”, known to the rest of the world as Shaukat Siddiqui!  Continue reading

2012: Already filled with Promises!

Reflecting upon the year gone by is a tradition that people follow but regretfully I am a complete two weeks late for this. Nevertheless, I plan to write this post so here it goes! 

The Last few years have been composed of a lot of ups and downs, but 2011 and the climax of it for me was the absoloute shittest moment of my life. I have yet to get over it. But doesnt mean that I would let that one bad year or moment define who I am. I am above that and I have more potential in me despiete the doubtst that some people would have.

2012 so far has been great! Let me update you on a few things to prove my validation of 2012 as such!

30th December 2011: I got my First job, and that too a really good one! People, you are now looking at the new Oxford University Press’s Curator, Archivist and Conservator.  Continue reading