Of being Gay (In the most sexual manner)

Rainbow flags at the end of the gay, lesbian, ...

Flags at a Gay, Lesbian and bisexual Parade. Image via Wikipedia

A friend of mine recently commented to me

“How do you expect to find a straight man when you are so friendly with gay people?”

Now I would not have been surprised if she had said:

“How do  you expect to find a man for yourself when you are always hanging out with guys whom you call your friend, since any other guy would assume the obvious since they are that stupid and idiot?”

What is it with people and this huge deal over being gay? Especially straight men! As soon as you mention a story about a friend, they would actually start making faces, or come up with the most weirdest taunts about them.

It is like this great big phobia that straight men seem to be having! I mean just because they are gay doesn’t mean they want to do it with every guy!

But to be honest it is nice to know that men can feel the same kind of insecurities that girls face in most parts of the world.

But this phobia is real , and I have seen it in many of my straight friends, and I think it is downright offensive they talk about gay men! The recent suicide by a teenager over being gay due to the taunts of his friends and students of the same high school shows the fact that there is a very low acceptance of being gay in almost all parts of the world. Continue reading

Iran Iran.. A new mess in the World Politics

As a Muslim nation, that has had some difficult relationships with the almighty USA, one thing that was always worth being proud about in the case of Iran was the seemingly peace and order that was within its own border. It seemed for 30 years to all of us that within the people were acceptable of the way things were being run and that the government had complete support of its own people.

But the recent elections have proved that it was in a fact a pressure cooker waiting to bust open!

With Iran having a population of almost 66,429,284, whee 70% of the population can read and right and almost 72.9% within the age bracket of 15 – 64, it was the vote of the youth that was predicted to determine the outcome, and maybe this is why it is no shock that almost one million people, stretching at almost 8 km, took to streets as Ahmedenijad was declared President for a second term.

With the unemployment rate almost as high as 12.5%, it is no shock that the slogans of “CHANGE” might have certainly inspired some hope for the youth of Iran, as they must have seen the same slogan giving America new chance.

The sermon on the Friday prayers was to be a historical one, as people across the globe listened with just as much hope that this might bring some change. But the regime is still supporting the result of the elections and standing besides Ahmedinijad as strongly as ever.

The sermon although not entirely being what was hoped for, had some good points nonetheless. It was utterly amazing the way the Supreme leader agreed with the fact that their system would no doubt is not corruption free, and that there is still room for improvement. But even then he was with the results of the election. But the similar pattern of bad mouthing the western media and the world was also very much there.But it was also no doubt wonderful to see that they have now diverted their hatred towards the USA foreign policy and not the entire nation.

I think that the irony of the present day Iran is that it has the majority of youth that has aspirations,like any other youth of the world in any other part of the world, and that is why it is not necessary that they find the same comfort in a revolution that doesn’t come up to the ideological believes of this generation. This is also something that was obvious during the rallies and the election campaign. The majority that could be seen in the rallies of Mir Hussein Mosavi were universities students .. this would explain the raid at university dormitories, arrest of university professors and teachers.

The youth of Iran supporting the reformist Leader, Mir Hussein Mosavi

The youth of Iran supporting the reformist Leader, Mir Hussein Mosavi

On the other hand, the people that you would find in the rallies of Ahmedinijad were mostly those that still have the same spirit of revolution in them that possessed the spirit of Iran 30 years ago. They not only continue to support the nuclear program in Iran, that would, in the minds of many of the youth, lead to trouble with the USA government. These people are anti- Western world and don’t even want to open up their minds to the  Western World, while the Mosavi campaign had the youth on its side, which is not only mild towards the Western World, but even welcomed the speech of President Barrack Obama.

The drama of the election still continues and it is far from being over, as the opposition took to the streets again today after the warning from the Supreme Leader. As people sit nervously in their seats, waiting either for the next big revolution, already nicknamed as the “Velvet Revolution”, or the biggest clash of ideologies, the Iranian Election drama is a long way from being done.