Is the Supreme Court out just to get the Government?

Listening to a new item on the radio today, a single thought occurred to me “What the hell is wrong with the Judiciary?” Now that seems to be a question that has been asked by almost everyone in the last few days! So there is nothing new there! But in all seriousness, just for emphasis, let me say it again. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE JUDICIARY?”

It actually seems the judiciary has limited its role to simply making the Government look bad! More so it seems that the most important role of the judiciary as an institute has become to just be a hindrance in the Governments path!

Every decision that the Government takes is called in for accountability almost immediately by the Higher Courts, and it actually seems that half the time the Government is making rounds of the courts!

In their self-belief that they are doing the right thing, the Apex Courts are forgetting that if it is about revenge, then they are taking it out on the wrong party. And if it is about doing the right thing, then you first need to re-consider the recent verdict on Mukhtaran Mai‘s case.

In all honestly, I seriously feel that this Government has hardly had any break to actually continue working seriously! If it isn’t MQM making a fuss, it is the Judiciary playing all God-like!

And it has to be said, that the failure of this Government is because of such hindrances!

The Burden on a Democratic Government

I think we as people like to live under the curtain of illusions, we like to pretend that things are not what they are and thus we always seem to be invaded by the massive propaganda machine that surrounds us. This point was very beautifully voiced by Hajrah Mumtaz in her today’s article in Dawn, one of the few voices that I have come across that are saying something real in this jungle of noise.

Since the NRO decision by the Supreme Court, it seems that the only people who are being called for accountability are the members of the Pakistan’s Peoples Party (PPP) especially President Zardari. I beg people not to take this post as a sign of my support for the current Government or for President Zardari. I have my differences with the government and they will remain in their place, but i am however in support of the process that is democracy and thus I would support however is the President, let it be Sharif’s, Gillani, or the Chaudarys.

A news item in today’s paper said that Nusrat Bhutto, the wife of the founder of PPP, is being summoned for accountability. At this point it becomes important to remind the Committee for Accountability that the women has suffered more than enough on the behalf of the democracy that we seem so fond of, and therefore today article by Ather Abbas in Express News became very relevant.

Nusrat Bhutto- Paid for democracy by losing 4 members.. but still not donw

I appreciate all that the courts are trying to do considering that their own independent is not such an old story, and therefore they do have to be careful, but why is it that whenever there is a democratic government all characters come running from all directions to destroy the reputation of it, or in some way to destabilize it. There are 8000 cases in the NRO, and there are the names of many of the leaders like Altaf Hussain, Waseem Akhtar, Farooq Sattar, Nawaz Sharif, and many of the army generals who have pardoned an amazing amount of money from the courts, and have now run off to greener pastures, why is it that the court is not asking them to come before the committee and explain themselves. Continue reading

Pakistan and the last thread of Hope!

The condition of the country is getting to a point where everything is seen either with complete hope or with that hopeless last look before hell breaks lose. Everything in this country is now viewed at an extreme angle. Either it would save the country or simply be the end of it!

The recent examples of these would be the rains in the country. It was seen as the wrath of God from which no Mustafa Kamal with his many flyovers and underpasses would be able to save this God forsaken country which was to be banished to pre-technology eras… but then God must have had mercy on his tech-can’t-live-without-it creatures. The lights at the end of the tunnel was restored as Karachi Electric Supply Company, minutes before being burned down by the angry protesters, worked fruitlessly to give the city lights for a few hours before taking it back.

House flooding despite the preparations for the Monsoon Season.

House flooding despite the preparations for the Monsoon Season.

People walk in 4 feet deep water within the city centers.

People walk in 4 feet deep water within the city centers.

Sarcasm aside, the night of the rains and the ones that followed it were taken as the last straw. What people witnessed during that week was enough to convince them that now its time to run away.

My parents who have always been great patriots…don’t be fooled by the cursing to the people and the country which follows every night religiously when they get back home after being made miserable on the roads by every other person who literary thinks that it is his birth right to break the law and go wrong way and god forbid to drive in his own lane…

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