It’s not what you think! by Varda Nisar

There are certain perceptions that exist in the minds of people, and no matter what you do, their effect never dwindles until they take the form of “stereotypes”.

It is this kind of a perception that is also being associated with public universities. Therefore as a student of one such institution I feel it my duty to speak up in order to clear the general view.

I got this chance recently when around 25 students — myself included — were selected for a certain programme on whether the quality of education here was good enough to guarantee a nice job post graduation. The programme was also attended by a group of forced to tag along best friends who with the other curious audience members made up the “eager and determined youth” supposed to share their opinions on the topic of discussion. So began the recording but just a few minutes of hearing the exchange of comments left me shocked and appalled.

The reason for this was the mindset of our youth that was fast revealing itself in front of the cameras. There seemed to be a general trend of thinking that public universities were a lost cause with absolutely no hope, that the teachers there lacked  interest in their respective subjects and that they pressurised the teachers into copy/pasting, also that the universities were failing to provide them with the resources while practical education was simply non-existent. In other words they were just seen as places where cheating was rampant besides the several other problems thought to be synonymous with public universities. Continue reading


Back to it..

Today was the first day back to university after a month off… God i felt like i would go insane if i stay home anymore.. somtimes i feel i can never be satisfied with anything in life…

When ur working. u will u would die with the burden of it.. and if ur not, then i feel i would die from the lack of it..

I am an Architectural student and i have just started my 4th year in it. .and my teachers were nice enough to mention it to us that this year they would do everything to break us or to either lead us to the point where we have a great thesis..

So i guess this is the high time that i should start thinking about my thesis and what i intend to do with it next year..