Really, No Choice.. none whatsoever?

I hate it when people say that they don’t have a choice, because to be very honest you always do have a choice, some people might not want to accept this fact, but this is how it is! Why am I blabbing such nonsense crap? Well a friend of mine (you know who you are)  exclaimed today about something that well I don’t have a choice.. I didn’t say anything then, but then i got thinking about it.. Is it really true? Do we really don’t have a choice, are we just puppets with strings ?

Philosophically and Religiously, one can say that yes we really don’t have a choice, but I am not here to do a Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Watson joke out here (let’s make that another post shall we ? )

No choice, none... Nope, No No No!

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Girls Psychology Part 1

My previous posts might have given an impression that I am a men-hating, men-bitching sort of a person who can find faults with them and everything else that they do. So maybe the impression so far has been that I am a biased person who has a war against the “men”kind.

And thus to prove to the world that I am, in a fact, an unbiased person who can be neutral and has the capability to find faults with everything, this is the new section that I have started.

The truth of the matter is that this section is a result of a conversation I heard of two girls as I was walking towards class and I realized “God.. they can be worse than guys” And thus I owe a great debt to them for this. Thank you.And now for the conversation that the two girls had that would reflect the psychology of the girls in our society.

Lets call them Miss A. and Miss S, both of them are textiles students at the the University of Karachi, aged around 22, and by the looks of their conversation can’t wait to get married. Here is more or less how the conversation went.

Miss A: My mom can’t wait to get me married.

Miss S: You don’t mind getting married.

Miss A: Well no… why would I? See my mom was saying that she will start looking for husbands for me since I am still of the age where it is easy to find (read trap) guys for marriage.

Miss S: What about Madeeha ? (Miss A’s older sister)

Miss A: Well she has crossed the age (she is only 4 years older making her 26) so its so difficult to find a guy for me so my mom and me would rather focus on getting me married.


Lets do the maths shall we? Although the stats of Pakistan hasn’t been changed for ages but people do live up to be 80 on an average, which means if girls are getting married at the age of 20 that means that they are married for 3/4 or 75% of their lives, if they are getting married by the age of 30, they are married for almost 63% of their lives, which is still more than half of their life that they can spend the way they want to single and free. So why is it that we still go on to judge a girl if she is, God forbid, not married by the age of 26?

And person who is in a professional field would know that this is how long it takes to be a doctor, an engineer, or to make anything out of yourself in a professional field. So then why is it that people who are in the field, especially girls, would not only judge others but also their own sisters.. SHAME SHAME!

The sacred bond

Your parents is the bond that always seems to you to be so perfect .. you idealize it as you grow old and wish for something even close to that for yourself.. but what if that bond starts to show signs of decay ..

Lately i have been witnessing that in the sacred bind in my life.. and to be honest.. there is no feeling in the world worst then that.. i have never been able to coup with how they fight and the distance that seems to be growing between them.. how do you coup with something like that..

How do you deal when the most perfect relationship in your life that you have been witnessing and idealizing for your whole life, starts to show signs of cracking up?

Confused ME

I am 22 .. and i live in Pakistan.. i don’t believe in God.. and i m quite unorthodox for my society.. by which what i really mean is that.. i have never cared what people think about me thus i have never ever hidden my activities.. while my peers go on pretending to be the good Eastern girl.

It has never been about images for me.. it has never been about what people think of me… for what they think about me can never portray my real self.

My family was never the conventional Muslim family. Religion was a personal matter of every member..Education was the top most priority..

But what is one to do when they are so confused about what they want for themselves.. i know that i want a baby and a good family and a husband in whose arms i can sleep every night..but in an era where the girl has to choose between her career and her family. .. it gets to be a pretty tough choice.. for you would have to live with one of these labels for ever… Or am i making too much a deal of it then it really is?