” Atheist huh? God Bless you! “

Based on my observation, I am today possessed to write this brief experience of mine that I seem to encounter every single time I have displayed my beliefs on a public forum (Read FB Profile, FB/MSN Chat) . It so happens that every single time, I have made this fact known to someone, I am then constantly surrounded by religious salutations. All of a sudden the religious smses would increase prompting ever so subtly for the non-believer to mend their ways, or simply about the wreath of God. The religious blessings and greetings would have a fervor of their own incomparable to anything that I would have experienced ever before between me and the subject that I am dissing here at the moment.

All of a sudden, because of me, life for the people around me seems to have a new meaning. They now have a purpose in life, and that purpose in life seems to be to compel within me the spirit that would make me turn on the righteous path! The naivety of this situation has always amazed me! But I guess with people like us on the loose, they probably don’t have a choice! Anyways so here are some comics that I found that I think are hilarious.. I guess other ‘s have also gone through the same agony.

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The sad story of us!

Two three days back, 5 Pathans were killed around our areas, which didn’t only cost for most of the businesses to close down early, but also for the Pathans to rush out of the area to places where they can be safe and not be targeted like a dangerous animal out on the loose.

A day or two later, I was downstairs getting some errands done, when a gentleman, with a darhi comes in and starts talking about the latest state of the nation with the shopkeeper. He comments about the recent target killing as well, saying how truly sad it was.

It was at that point that I started thinking and which even the shopkeeper voiced out in his own words, that there is no way that you can expect a change in this country.. in a country where its own citizens can’t feel safe, and where a particular state is being branded for who should live in it, then how can you expect the change to come. The gentleman that came in that shop might be against the targeted killing of Pathans, but what would be his viewpoint about the killing of Ahmadi’s or Shia’s is what I would really like to know!

Some one once said to me that religion was an important invention (yes I did say invention) because it made the society follow the path of righteousness even in the absence of law, but can we truly claim that to be true today. In a society where most would argue that it is okay to kill the person who we consider to be infidel, how is it that one can even take asylum in the arguments of religion?

So I guess this is our sad story.. we can’t expect religion to bring the best out of us, and as a society there is no chance that we can correct the errors of our way, so I conclude that there is absolutely no hope for us.. you can disagree though!

South Park and the Prophet: The ultimate (NO)Showdown

So I didn’t even know that once again South Park has done it! I only got to know about it after I watched this report on CNN that I realized that the Muslims are suppose to be pissed at South Park. I immediately got online and did a bit of research. I was just dying to find that video..so first I searched for what the main issue was.. and this is what I found..

South Park’ Producers Say Network

Cut Fear Speech

I really wanted this post to be written after I had seen the 201st episode of South Park, but thanks to the censorship by both the studio and the most disgusting quality of the show available, I have yet to fulfill this dream of mine. But so far from what I have seen, let me just remind all the sensitive religious people out there who feel that God has chosen them to safeguard the reputation of Prophet, who just have to make a case out of everything…THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO GET UPSET ABOUT IN THIS EPISODE.. AND NO THEY DIDN’T MAKE FUN OF THE PROPHET.. SO SHUT UP AND GO FIND  YOURSELF A VIRGIN SOMEWHERE!

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Go ahead ..label me!

For most of my adult life, I have been labeled as non-religious, agnostic, in-denial, closet Muslim, atheist, and for a large part of my life I have let people believe in whatever they want to believe, because honestly speaking I have never thought of it to be my concern about how they choose to think about me. But it is hurtful when a person who does know you can be so rude and hurts you badly because of your believe, or because how people who don’t even know you perceive you, or simply because it is easy to raise fingers on others than on yourself.

So this is a sort of an attempt to clear that. Here goes nothing!

My religious believes are something that I myself have to find. As a child yes, I did believe in God, not because I chose to, but simply because I inherited it. But as I grew up, the question needed to be answered, whether I truly in my heart believed in Him. I know that most of us go on believing in whatever believes, religious or contrary, have been given to us when we still are in our mothers laps. But I believe that with age and maturity we should ask ourselves this question about why is it that we believe and in what! Otherwise our believes can never have any substantial foundations.

So do I believe in God? I don’t know. Have I seen God in the millions of faces that surround us? Maybe. Have I seen Godly acts? yes!

This is my believe. I am not sure if God exists, although I am open to the idea  that maybe on day I will find him, but so far what I have seen is Godly strength and courage among people. And that in itself needs to be appreciated.

You can find it in the face of a mother who is tired but can still find time for all the people in her life, in a parent who can learn to forgive you for everything wrong that you have done, you can find it in a friend who despite being tired and having his owns problems would listen to you and be there for you, you can find it in a stranger who offers to give his seat and stand for hour or more in a bus in a city like Karachi, in the eyes of a father who is looking at his new born, God like is when a person decided to forget the wrong of a person and learns to trust him again, its when a person knows the good and the bad about some one and still can see beyond that.

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Confused ME

I am 22 .. and i live in Pakistan.. i don’t believe in God.. and i m quite unorthodox for my society.. by which what i really mean is that.. i have never cared what people think about me thus i have never ever hidden my activities.. while my peers go on pretending to be the good Eastern girl.

It has never been about images for me.. it has never been about what people think of me… for what they think about me can never portray my real self.

My family was never the conventional Muslim family. Religion was a personal matter of every member..Education was the top most priority..

But what is one to do when they are so confused about what they want for themselves.. i know that i want a baby and a good family and a husband in whose arms i can sleep every night..but in an era where the girl has to choose between her career and her family. .. it gets to be a pretty tough choice.. for you would have to live with one of these labels for ever… Or am i making too much a deal of it then it really is?

What is Islam?

It is a sad situation that in a country called – or so called – Islamic Republic of Pakistan..that we as a nation lack the knowledge of our religion. Maybe this is the reason that we haven’t been able to fight the war of Talibanization with the weapon of religious discussion itself.

Whenever the argument is given that the Islam of the Taliban’s is right.. it really makes me wonder that on what basis is this being said and done. As Muslims we derive half of our interpretation of Quran and religion from the life and Sun’nah of the Prophet.. so then someone needs to tell me that at what point did this happen in the times of the Prophet?

At what time did women cover themselves up the way they do now with the hideous burqas (veils) that they have chosen to drape themselves in now?

At what time did veiling yourself was radicalized to a point where you even had to cover your eyes completely?

At what time did talking to men become wrong?

When were women not allowed to go out in Public during the times of the Prophet?

At what time were women told not to work or study?

The only way that this could be achieved today is by opening up different schools of thoughts, let it be religious or liberal. to come and research together the meaning of religion and what is it that is right or wrong according to the limits of the Quran?

It is only in religion that we would find the remedy for this epidemic called TALIBANIZATION.

we need to change the minds of people,we need for them to understand what Islam is. And that can only happen when we start to understand our religion again.

Recently, Arundhati Roy was in Karachi to be part of a program held under the banner of “Women reclaiming their place in society” and i asked my teacher who also attended the show about her views regarding this program. Her answer is something that we all should be working on. She said that the time for idealism is long gone and it is now time that we start taking some concrete steps to find a solution to the problems of Talibanization. It is now time for us to chalk out strategies.

Turkey recently did the same. To clear up the years of religious junk, exaggerated by wrong Hadiths and Sun’nah, they asked a panel of Religious Scholars to sit down and separate the genuine ones from the fake ones. This would result in clearing the religious understanding of so many people, and might even open up their minds to realize what is wrong with the Taliban’s version of Islam!