Art – “The Most Unregulated field of financial operations”


This was more or less the theme of Luiz Augusto Teixeira de Freitas’s keynote address on the third day of the CIMAM Conference.

A lawyer and an art collector since the last 20 years, I believe it was the lawyer in him, that led to this inquiry. The questions were justified and should be treated with seriousness, if not with a sense of urgency.

Who is keeping an eye on the Art Market? Who are the regulators or the gatekeepers? With an industry touching the ceiling of over 50 billion Euro (that’s a lot of zeros), there are serious implications and for sure a need for regulations.  Continue reading

Museums in Progress: Public interest, private resources? – CIMAM Conference, Doha


As a stroke of luck would have it, I randomly came across the website of CIMAM and with it, a travel grant for the conference to be held in Doha, I apply and I actually get in!

The title for this year’s Conference was “Museums in Progress: Public interest, private resources?”

And what was the most interesting for me with regards to this title was how the issues for the 1st world and the 3rd world differed within the same umbrella. For three days, people from all over the world debated on the subject matter and while it is my personal opinion that such debates in most cases doesn’t yield an answer, but the approaches and the case studies are always a ground for something to learn.

“What is public interest today?” was the topic for the debate for Day 1. And while the subject matter may sound simple enough, there are so many questions and complexities that come under this subject matter.

Day 2 was spent on discussing “Building institutions in the African and the Middle East Contexts” and this is for me when the conference really got interesting and the vast difference between the understanding of the 1st world and the 3rd world quite apparent.

The conference was concluded on the 3rd day after a great debate on “Private to public, public to private: what are the new professional practices?”. Some of the most wonderful points of the conference were raised here, and a need for regulations was highlighted after drawing many a parallels between art and many other fields.

There is no doubt that a lot of important questions were raised and in each of our own context, the solution or the application of new models need to be revisited. Over the next couple of days, I will be bringing the many talks and discussions over to this forum and share the many problems and concerns and my own analysis with you.

I look forward to your input in this argument.