Of my dad and me!

Since I was a kid, comparisons have been drawn between me and my mother, and how we look alike, how I have all of my features. But when it came to habits, i was usually related to my dad’s family! But listening to my dad yesterday, I realized I am more like him!

He was revisiting old memories of his days with his only boss that he had in his life Khan Sahab, a character in my imagination that is tall, white, bald wearing a sherwani! But I think its time to readdress that memory with some reality! We have some pictures of him! I need to go and check them!

So he was telling me this story, and the end of it was something like how his boss said that if Nisar (my dad) was wrong he would ask for his resignation, which he was sure enough that he would hand out in a moment to me without any hesitation! He didn’t need to ask my dad for such a thing! My father was right.. the other guy was fired right there and then! Continue reading


De javu from 15 years ago – Part I

I guess no body can ever be prepared for their own parents getting sick and this is why a hospital experience always gets tiring. My father got a massive heart attack on the friday morning. And since then i have spent majority part of my day at the hospital. His artery was completly blocked. The doctor has defined this operation as a miracle. He had angioplasty and the doc are saying that he might need operation in all his other arteries too. The hospitals are a weird place. And i have come to realized that one has to be worried about so Much more than just the patient. Actually even the patient, my dad, was completly taken care of by the hospital staff. That left us to worry about the hospital bill. I have no idea how we are going to cross this bridge. Coming up with this big an amount at once is not easy. But still we are hopeful. My dad will be coming home tomorrow.

Virginity:To keep or not to keep. That is the question

Pakistan is a society full of hypocrisy. We have learnt to appear to be modern with the tight stiletto heels, and the use of four letter words.


Virginity Crisis

We have mastered fake English accent, and lines. We are ready to settle abroad, and put up a mask with the help of thousands of labels. We are ready to quote and act like any of the Sex and the City characters, but at certain things we can be extremely rigid. Virginity (FOR GIRLS ONLY) is one such thing. But it is a rule with certain exceptions.

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The sacred bond

Your parents is the bond that always seems to you to be so perfect .. you idealize it as you grow old and wish for something even close to that for yourself.. but what if that bond starts to show signs of decay ..

Lately i have been witnessing that in the sacred bind in my life.. and to be honest.. there is no feeling in the world worst then that.. i have never been able to coup with how they fight and the distance that seems to be growing between them.. how do you coup with something like that..

How do you deal when the most perfect relationship in your life that you have been witnessing and idealizing for your whole life, starts to show signs of cracking up?