2012: Already filled with Promises!

Reflecting upon the year gone by is a tradition that people follow but regretfully I am a complete two weeks late for this. Nevertheless, I plan to write this post so here it goes! 

The Last few years have been composed of a lot of ups and downs, but 2011 and the climax of it for me was the absoloute shittest moment of my life. I have yet to get over it. But doesnt mean that I would let that one bad year or moment define who I am. I am above that and I have more potential in me despiete the doubtst that some people would have.

2012 so far has been great! Let me update you on a few things to prove my validation of 2012 as such!

30th December 2011: I got my First job, and that too a really good one! People, you are now looking at the new Oxford University Press’s Curator, Archivist and Conservator.  Continue reading