Bringing the Change through Sports!

I had planned to write this after the Beijing Olympics, but somehow just never got around to it. But the spirit of what we all got to see during the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, definitely compels me to finish this post now.

The impact of what Olympics and FIFA has done for Beijing and South Africa

Performance during the opening Ceremony of Beijing Olympics 2008

is magnanimous in proportion. Consider China. A country surrounded by years of propoganda against it, it needed only one chance to prove otherwise. And China not only took that chance, but ran with it without even stopping to catch it’s breath. From the Opening Ceremony, to the very last-minute, China kept on dazzling the world with all that it has achieved. It made sure that it reminded people of the contributions that it has made to change the shape of the world, and how it is still contributing – by adding new dimensions to what is humanely possible.

Spain Pavilion in the Shanghai Expo 2010

China then didn’t just stop there! After showing the world what it truly is, it went on to capture the imagination of people from around the globe with the Expo 2010 in Shanghai. China made sure that the world took the chance to see for themselves what China can offer to everyone! China has taken this opportunity to let people make up their own mind about this civilization!

The same chance was given by South Africa by being the host for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It was the first time that such a prestigious event landed on the African Soil, and the entire continent has strived to make it known that they can to make it happen. The people worked hard to dismiss the image that they have been linked with, that of a country who is in the midst of racist conflict and on the verge of poverty. Security was one of the biggest concern, but Africa made sure that they take every advantage of this chance that has been given to them, and show the world that they too are capable!

FIFA 2010 South Africa

My father has always said that Football is the game of the poor. Give them one football and you have 22 smiling faces engrossed in a game that doesn’t require anything more.I like this thought. Africa, a poor country took this chance and they have changed the perception of the world forever. South Africa will no longer be thought of as a country where 160 murders happen a day, but would be remembered as a country with a great spirit. The spirit of this World Cup will stay with the world for a long time to come.

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A world full of deja vu’s

A day after facebook was back in my side of the world, I had put up my status saying

Lets see how many of the hypocrites out there actually leave facebook?

A teacher of mine had a wonderful thought to add to that. He commented

not only they arent going to leave, they’ve already started marketing all these pages because of which fb was banned in the first place. talk about deja vu…

I have come to conclude since then that this world is based on the very principle of deja vu, or maybe a better word for this explanation for this would be that we live in a world where everything repeats itself.

After this comment, I started thinking about how every year in Pakistan, we all feel a sense of deja vu when the same electricity shortages and load shedding happens, when the prices hike up during every Ramadan, the same situation on the streets of Karachi every time it rains, this entire country is based on this very experience.

What happened to Freedom Flotilla a few days back is also nothing short of a deja vu. Everytime something like this happens memories of all that had happened before rushes back. Even after this event, the deja vu happened of lastyear, when the Israeli forces killed hundreds of people in a 22 day war. Continue reading

Islam, Taliban, Karachi and Me

As the threat of Islam grows increasingly in the backdrop of this country, it is becoming more and more a tool for many to use. It is shocking how groups and individuals within this group have been able to comprehend how they can use it for themselves.

No doubt about it that the events of Swat and the girl being flogged publicly is a great reason for my concern. With the amount of purdah clad increasing fanatically without any reason or know how of religion – thanks to the brain washing propaganda of Maulvi and the much supported project “Wahabism” of Saudi- the insanity has double-folded in the recent years.

In the Karachi University you would find it common for young people associated with Jamiat (student wing of Jamat-i-Islami) to take the responsibiltyof being moral police and deal in their own manner with the students that they think are indulging in “unislamic” activities. There is no one to ask them or check on their definitions of “islamic” and “unislamic”

Dance shows -reference to the recent cancellation of girls dance show at a cultural program in Larkana- are forcibly closed down in the name of Islam. Private Jirgas are being set up in universities in Sindh… But how much of this is happening with the Islamic Spirit or personnal interest in minds or as a result of some other social factors????

Then there is the threat of land mafia disgused cleaverly as Talibinization by MQM… according to their definition all Pathans and Afghans- settled on government lands without any proper documentations since the refugee influx during the afghan war- are now synonymous with Taliban and the MQM too like- any morally upright group of citizens – have taken it upon themselves to clear the “land(s)” of such a threat.

All said and done, Talibanization is a genuine threat – maybe a man-made (read USA) created threat – but it exists and is now too large to be controlled. Its ugly head is popping up ever so often from different places (currently Pakistan). But the threat needs to be seperated from these factors of self propogating righteous men.

Media has also turned out to be a threat in itself.. with the slogans of free media still fresh it is about time that they find out the truth behind these things instead of entertaining people by converting such events into a circus performance.

Freedom is not having the choice of whatever you want.. Freedom also means responisbility.