The ending of yet another year!

The year is almost over! It’s done with.. and as a human this is as true a confession can get about how I have spent this year!

As a mere human, I have spent this year dwelling in whats to come, and whats been left behind forever and ever to which there is no turning back.

I have made mistakes and failed, I have taken risks and succedded, I have rejoiced in my friends happiness, and have been hurt by what I saw around me.

I have found new friendships, while found an even greater support system within the old friendships that I have carried on with me for years.

I found that the perspectives that I have had about people are not always true and every now and then they require to be revisited, evaluated, and changed for the better or for the worst.

I have broken promises and gotten mad at other for breaking theirs! Continue reading

Is it Karma?

Is it really true that what ever you do in this world will one day come back haunting you? no matter how much you try to hide away from it.. it still gets you somehow. Every thing you do in between simply goes down the drain, you keep standing there staring confused, bemused even sickened at times and just looking for answers.

Its ironic to see how drastically things can change in a matter of few moments, a mere gesture or even a phrase can bring years of trust crashing down. And how painful is it to realize that you were at fault all along while you thought just the opposite and accused others for the resentment.

There are times in life when you just cannot speak up due to circumstances, you believe your act can cause anguish for others and you really do care about them, but how would you tell them that? You question your own judgment and decisions, eventually you loose it till you find a solution. How do you do that? This is where karma plays its role… sooner or later you are on the receiving end of your own decisions.

Regrets become a constant… Need a few answers..

Wishing things

Is it really that wrong to wish for something? In life you wish for so many things and there are some that you do get.. but not all wishes have the same significance… for example the wish that “i want to eat an ice cream” compared to ” i want to know where my life would finally take me ” simply holds not much significance.

Sometimes you just want something, and the constant disappointment in the matter can be a reason for great concern for an individual. For example, you like some one and you really hope that you can understand how things would turn out with them.

You want to get into a nice university and you want to get in… and you work hard all your life for it.. and then you end up there.. and the question that might bother a few .. or many.. is “was this worth it.

As humans we all want to know how things would end up for us.. we all wish to know if we would get out happy endings.. cause the irony of life is that you work and dream of something.. and it is the joke that life plays on you.. by twisting and turning the entire thing upside down.