What are you doing, Iran?

This post comes amidst great emotional turmoil as a girl named Nda was murdered as a result of the confrontation between the riot police and the protesters who have been protesting for almost a week now against the election result.

Iran was, if not the ideal state, but still was a symbol of religion and polictics in perfect harmony. But the recent events have shaken everyone to the core. This is not Islam, neither it is humanity.

Shiaism was a sect that have mourned for the tragedy of the Proaphets grandson who was killed with his family in Karbala, for he dared to raise his voice against the wrong, and the dictator.

Are you not today letting  the same tragedy reoccur on your own soil? Aren’t you killing the innocent who just want to know the truth, and are standing against what is wrong, in the face of force and injstice? How can you mourn Karbala when you are busy creating one yourself as we breathe here? How can you mourn the death of  Imam Hussain when you are becoming the Yazid for so many families .. when you are the Yazid of Neda’s family?