The Spirit of Mine – A Story from 600m below Ground!

I had always had an interest in Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Disasters, for reasons I was too young to understand then. I – in fact – wanted to chase them for a living. It was later that I understood that what really attracted me towards all this was the human aspect which sort of triumphs the tragedy, the stories of encouragement and hope and inspiration that are always a by-product of such an event!

These stories came more alive and more apparent during the two months that the tragedy of the trapped miners continued, finally coming to an end a few hours ago. The stories that reached almost from the start, thanks to the media, were simply astonishing. And what we saw in the last 24 hours unraveling itself on our TV screens was even more so!


And it is finally over for them!


The media and the world is waiting for drama, for the men to go nuts, to scream and crumble to the scars of the tragedy. They are waiting for this tragedy to finally take its toll, for so far, we have only witnessed the positive side of a nation, whose credibility had much been shattered due to past Politico-social events!

But we keep forgetting that these men have probably always expected to be engulfed by their very own profession. That they had always at the back of their head might have envisioned their death to take place like this – trapped in the depth of the earth not knowing how to get out, helpless, and with no way out! They haven’t lived in the most ideal of economic circumstances, and I am sure that half of their lives they have felt the pangs of hunger. Continue reading

We Choose the Moon

I had always liked to be present when the events that I think would be shaping up our history our taking place, or for the events that I know would be the one that we would recall after 10 years and awe about the significance of it. Maybe  that’s why I have always tried to be present for which ever great event that took place so far in my 23 years of life.

I was glued to my TV when the 1999 coup by Musharraf was taking place, when 9/11 happened.. i watched as the second tower came down, or when Afghanistan was bombed, and then when Iraq was bombed,when  Benazir came back to Karachi.. in a fact I  was actually present on site when the blast happened. I remember seeing the emergency of 2nd November taking place, the lawyers movement, both before and after the emergency, the 18th February Elections, the reinstating of Chief Justice.. i was up till 6 to hear the two liner given by our Prime Minister…, when Obama and Clinton started their campaign and then Obama came out as the democratic candidate for the elections, or when Obama took the oath,  when the Iranian Elections started, .. all in all I tried to be there for most of the important significant historical events that i could witness in my life.

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