Cyber-Abuse .. is that a word even?..If not, then it should be..

It seems like that nowadays all sorts of weird happenings are happening to me… ya ya .. I know I am giving into the victim mentality.. but I really don’t give a damn right now.

I was cyber-abused yesterday.. now I don’t know if that is even a real world. and if it is not then it should be.. A guy messaged me on FB….and he is being all nice… oh no wait.. let me copy paste it all for you here

HIM: knock knock 😛
ME: whose there?
HIM: I m a captain planet 🙂
ME: are u kidding me..
HIM: what makes u think that i m kidding 🙂
ME: lamest reply ever
HIM: well i m ali from karachi
ME: varda here
HIM: kool.. hey add me up on facebook
ME: no.. i dont know you! and i m not very keen on adding strangers
HIM: ok .. i m sorry
ME: so who r u
HIM: I m ali .. I m a software developer living in karachi and i m 26 years old.. and how abt u ?
ME: student of architecture.. 24.. workin on my thesis. how did u find my profile
HIM: randomly selected you ..
ME: how lucky are my stars
HIM: i m cancer and ur star : cancer too right 😛
ME: yes 🙂
HIM: koool 🙂
ME: so what are u into
HIM: Developing 🙂 and you?