To Mr. Talat Hussain,

Dear Mr. Talat Hussain,

I am hearing you talk right now from the Islamabad Airport, you have just reached your home land, and you have became a hero for almost the entire nation. But I have many a complains against you and your TV Channel.

The way the tragedy was presented seemed like the Israeli had taken only you as hostage and the rest of the world didn’t exist, the funerals in Turkey were not at all even highlighted. If the aim of this mission was to get together the like-minded, Gaza-supporting nations, then why have they been completely ignored by your news channel.

Besides taking this entire event in isolation, they also seem to have overlooked any events that are taking place which are connected to it, like the sailing off of the Rachel Corrie, which has all of a sudden turned around. Did this event had no connection with what happened to Freedom Flotilla? Or are you really going to let the entire nation think that this was just a conspiracy to get you?

Also you mentioned that the Western response, especially the US response to the tragedy was unimpressive. Well maybe you are right but the wordings are changing, but over all the Western Coverage of the attack was much better and accurate and showed all angles of the tragedy, and the Western World did condemn it a lot. The protest and rally’s were a proof of that!

Well, hope you dare to do this again, it was refreshing to hear coverage of the event by one of our reporters, which is not usually the case.


A world full of deja vu’s

A day after facebook was back in my side of the world, I had put up my status saying

Lets see how many of the hypocrites out there actually leave facebook?

A teacher of mine had a wonderful thought to add to that. He commented

not only they arent going to leave, they’ve already started marketing all these pages because of which fb was banned in the first place. talk about deja vu…

I have come to conclude since then that this world is based on the very principle of deja vu, or maybe a better word for this explanation for this would be that we live in a world where everything repeats itself.

After this comment, I started thinking about how every year in Pakistan, we all feel a sense of deja vu when the same electricity shortages and load shedding happens, when the prices hike up during every Ramadan, the same situation on the streets of Karachi every time it rains, this entire country is based on this very experience.

What happened to Freedom Flotilla a few days back is also nothing short of a deja vu. Everytime something like this happens memories of all that had happened before rushes back. Even after this event, the deja vu happened of lastyear, when the Israeli forces killed hundreds of people in a 22 day war. Continue reading

Quotes in the News-2

“People were not instructed to shoot at everyone they see, but they were told that from a certain distance when they approach a house, no matter who it is – even an old woman – take them down.”

– An account of one Israeli soldier, out of 26 anonymous, who admitted that war crimes were commited during the 22 day conflict  that ended on 18th January 2009.

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