Of some different relationships!

One thing that my dadi’s (paternal grandmother) illness has taught me, is that there are things beyond blood relationships!

Don’t get me wrong, its not like I hadn’t already figured this out in the 25 years of my existence, but sometimes the pain that you see or the care that you see from other people, is only due to your association with the said ill person.

But in my dadi’s case, she has been able to form such bonds of love with people, that what unraveled today couldn’t be described as something short of “pure innocence”. Continue reading

De javu from 15 years ago – Part II

So let me very briefly explain to you what I mean by this title. It was exactly 15 years ago that my dad got a heart attack, but things have changed a lot since then. For one thing, I am not 9 year old any more.. and secondly, neither are both my parents as young as they used to be.

I remember when the last time my dad got an attack, I felt like I had become an orphan. Since my mom used to spend the major part of the day in the hospital, and we were yet not old enough to be admitted in to the ICU, that left me and my sis to go to a relatives house and spend the day there. I used to hate it. I used to convince my mother that we were old enough to be left alone at home and that I can take care of myself and my sister, and just to prove this point, I started to spend as much of the daytime at my place. Continue reading

Hachiko gave my dad an Heart attack

The initial title of this post was “Hachiko: my latest Inspiration”. This was post-dads-heart attack. But now however, this title is completely appropriate for this film. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean this sarcastically. This is literary true!


We rarely watch movies together, so this was a rare act that was performed especially in the honor of this movie. I think it was the love of animals that my dad had that made us all sit together. We all cried like babies, tears streaming down our faces like there was no end tomorrow. My dad however didn’t display this act of attachment to this movie, but he was moved. We discussed the movie for hours after it was over.. I don’t know how is the film doing n the box office or anything, but for us the film was an instant hit.

Continue reading

My cousin .. you will be missed

This blog was really inspired because of the unfair death of my cousin, a 17-year-old boy who for his entire life has fought a war with thalassemia. His illness was discovered when he was only a kid, an innocent age of  2. Since then, he and his mom have gone from hospital to hospital, prayed, bowed and grovelled themselves before God to hope for a miracle.

The way I am related to him is a long chain. And most of you out there who are Pakistani’s would understand that this is just how we work as families. My maternal grandfather’s brother got his son married to his wife’s sister’s (who was also his cousin as well) daughter. Now that brother’s own one daughter is given away at this aunts house. Yes i know it can be complicated.

Anyways, after the kid was born, the grandfather or the mother of the groom were monsters, they beated her up, cursed her and treated her in the most inhumane manner. But bless the Pakistani wife of 20 years ago, she kept quite and beared all of this as her kismet, maybe, i don’t know what went through her head.

They never once spent a dime on that kid after he was born, although there were pretty well off, but the way this grandfather’s bro thought was that this would be a bad investment, and thus on his own grandson, he never spend a single dime. But fate was not yet in the mood to be ironic. And the kid grew slowly and steadily, with the support of that Godly women, that was his mother, and although his blood needed to be changed every 15 days, they didnt let go of hope. And it was a result of this hope that the kid got 17 and then got the highest ranks in the matric board and got scholarships to the best collages. Continue reading