“Yes, my Privacy settings mean a lot to me!”

So yes, I am a private person, and I don’t like sharing a whole lot with the entire world! I have few friends in real life with whom I prefer to share a lot! And then there only one or two with whom I share everything!

And I think that holds true for most of us!

The same attitude is a practice of mine on FB as well! And therefore it is very difficult for me to explain to people when they come up to me and say, “Dude we can’t see that(insert whatever you like here) on your (FB) profile”!

Even my mother has complained to me about this.

But the fact of the matter remains, that I am a very private person, and I guard my privacy above everything else!

I have almost my entire family on FB, and then I have some of my most closest friends on it as well. And you can’t always expect your friends to say the most audience-appropriate thing, so yes a lot of things have to get censored!  Continue reading

The Youth Parliament: Reviews on the First Impression!

Let me break the news people, although I have my doubts how many of you out there are actually reading it. But I have been selected as an MPA for Sindh Assembly for the Youth Parliament! And I have to tell you it was simply exciting.

I have always had an interest in Politics… I mean I come from a family in which for the longest of time we only had one picture in our house, and that too of Karl Marx. So I guess my political views are clear to you all now.

We went for the first ever session of the Youth Parliament completely unaware as to what was to be expected out of the whole program and what was to be expected out of us. Once there for the program on the 23rd of April 2011, due to began at 10:00 am and delayed for at least an hour, things started to look to me just as blurry as the state of our country at the moment.

The First Ever meeting of the Youth Parliament, Sindh Assembly

The itinerary for the day consisted of Elections, Oath taking ceremony, Cabinet Selection and Oath Taking and lunch! We had absolutely no idea about the elections or how the parties were to be formed, but it turned out that the campaign session for the election was in full swing all over Facebook to which I was completely oblivious. But i guess we are the youth who are all ready to bring a revolution about through the internet!  Continue reading

Cyber-Abuse .. is that a word even?..If not, then it should be..

It seems like that nowadays all sorts of weird happenings are happening to me… ya ya .. I know I am giving into the victim mentality.. but I really don’t give a damn right now.

I was cyber-abused yesterday.. now I don’t know if that is even a real world. and if it is not then it should be.. A guy messaged me on FB….and he is being all nice… oh no wait.. let me copy paste it all for you here

HIM: knock knock 😛
ME: whose there?
HIM: I m a captain planet 🙂
ME: are u kidding me..
HIM: what makes u think that i m kidding 🙂
ME: lamest reply ever
HIM: well i m ali from karachi
ME: varda here
HIM: kool.. hey add me up on facebook
ME: no.. i dont know you! and i m not very keen on adding strangers
HIM: ok .. i m sorry
ME: so who r u
HIM: I m ali .. I m a software developer living in karachi and i m 26 years old.. and how abt u ?
ME: student of architecture.. 24.. workin on my thesis. how did u find my profile
HIM: randomly selected you ..
ME: how lucky are my stars
HIM: i m cancer and ur star : cancer too right 😛
ME: yes 🙂
HIM: koool 🙂
ME: so what are u into
HIM: Developing 🙂 and you?

What to do when a friend gets a GF?

People, I have had a pretty simple rule for most of my life.. and now let me take this opportunity today to share it with you. The rule for always has been


Yes, I realize that there would be many of you out there ready to come to put your case against this statement of mine… I mean you and this certain friend of yours have been such good friends despite you/her having so many relationships..blah,blah,blah…. but well I really don’t care for your opposition.

My experiences have told me from time and time again that it is the worst.. no correct that… THE MOST WORST IDEA .. that you would ever get in your life.

And the two times that I decided to throw this rule of mine out of the window and continue being normal.. and avoiding caution.. with my friends who have recently gotten “their own life” has serious been a disaster.

Take the events of today shall we? I ran into this great friend of mine.. I mean i hadn’t seen him for two weeks because he is now working and the last two Saturdays because of unavoidable circumstances we were just not able to meet each other. but today apparently he gets off of work early.. and if I was smart enough I would have taken the fact that his girl.. who also works.. is also hanging out around the university as any hint, I might have avoided a confrontation.. but alas.. I m not that smart. and  I didn’t get the hint.

but lets back up a little and let me tell you the whole story in its most minimal version ..  Continue reading

Go ahead, Take a Camera With you!

Mostly I take my camera along on trips, where I would take pictures of the scenery, the landscape, the rock, the tree, the distant cliff which would lose all significance after it has been taken, etc. Point being, I would take pictures of everything that is not human!

So when my best friend’s wedding came along, it was impossible that I don’t take my camera along. Of course I wanted to take picture of everything that was happening! I covered her events from the start – from her engagement till her reception!

I was warned by my mother – a Professional Photographer herself – that once you have a camera you won’t be able to NOT take pictures. And she was right! My friend and her family urged me ever so often to take a picture of them and upload them as soon as I can! Facebook seems to give us instant gratification and assurances about how we look – or in my case, how good (or bad) a picture we took, doesn’t it?

People seem to love having their picture taken, even when they know they would never get to see it again

But there is another side of having a camera! Once you have a camera, it opens up a whole new world for you! People would start talking to you – the conversation starter always being about which camera you have, why are you into it, etc etc. They would start getting frank with you, they would ask you to take their pictures, they would thank you for it, make you promise that you would tag them, and suddenly bonds would be made!

And as the days would pass, they would start recognizing you, smiling at you, greeting you, requesting you to take their picture! Continue reading

Of Jerks, Idiots and Assholes!

Despite what your reactions maybe, I am just going to say it! This post IS a result of a lot of soul-searching. I say Soul Searching because for almost a week I deliberated over the fact whether I should go on and bitch like this or not, and how it would reflect upon me. But enough Soul searching. After meeting the amounts of characters (read jerks) that I have, I had no choice but to vent out in the cyberspace. But there is anther reason that has prompted me to write this.

Believe me you, but the guys are getting intelligent, and they are coming up with new ways and new lines to get you into their trap. One of the lines that sort of seem to be reoccurring a lot is how much these guys love my blog. (One jerk even subscribed to my blog for the duration of the time we were friends. He unsubscribed the minute I lost interest in him.) And since this is the new opening line I have decided to write this post so they may know that they too, will be victims of my fury like this. So future jerks, beware. Past Jerks, this is pay back! So let me – at the risk of humiliating myself in the process – reveal the latest line up of jerks in my life.

The So-Called Intellect:

I ran into this guy on a Friends FB wall.. Her status had ignited a debate and he and I were on the same side. So I think here is a guy who could be nice to talk to. The guy emails me on FB and soon he is in my list. A gay friend of mine (thank God for him) who checks my list every now and then (for obvious reasons) told me that the guy who was in the profile picture was gay. Why is this a problem? Because he is flirting all the way! So I confront him.. And then comes Lie#1.. “That is not me in the picture..that is a friend of mine..But I am sure looks don’t matter to you, so why are you making a big deal of it?” but the detective in me is on! Through a friend of mine who also works in the same office as him, I find out that no guy by his name works in the office.. HE IS A FAKE.. Lie#2: “Of course I work there, but that guy just doesn’t know me that much thats why I am sure he said that”. Enough Bullshit. I sever all ties with him, I delete him from my FB, MSN, the deal! So a few months into this event, I am checking out my FB inbox, and there is a message from a guy who I don’t ever remember talking to.. Wanna guess who was the guy? Yes, he was the FAKE GUY! Apparently he hadn’t only put some one else image, he was even lying about his name to the whole world. LOSER!

Continue reading

Yes, I am addicted (As is obvious by now)

I think its high time – since it is becoming obvious as it is – that I am addicted to the Social Networking Site. I miss my Facebook, and I worry about what if the ban becomes permanent. Lets not forget, that almost all of us have tons of stuff online, from our family pictures to our dog’s boring poses. And I don’t just want it to wander around online like its in an vacuum..

The latest arguments coming out from twitter include that we should stand up and go to SC or something.. but people forget that this means that you would come out in front of millions of those radicals that won’t take a minute to pronounce you as an Infidel.. and yes, I know what that means.. simply because I have seen such blames affecting people and their daily lives!

Miss you Facebook!

So what is the sane population – as this is what we are being labeled now on Twitter – suppose to do.. As the radicals turn to the streets, we keep sitting on the last Cyberspace Greener Pastures, twitter that is! Are we really to believe that we can make an impact like this.. I doubt it!

The new FB Censor Policy!

The latest news that is coming regarding the FB issue is that it should be either banned completely or it should be censored! So what it would basically mean that from now on the Dope heads would be able to do whatever they want without us knowing about it.. and then we wont even have to do this charade of protest…

I can understand why the elite urban class is not coming out of their homes.. First of all, this would mean a threat to anyone’s life .. I mean, of you are not protesting with them, then it automatically makes you an infidel, and then also because all of their protests were organized over FB.. so ya, I am sure that they are having a lot of problems..

Also are we the only Muslim Country who is having a problem.. or am I just not watching enough CNN nowadays.. because I have not seen any new item that would suggest that someone else is also having this much problem..

And another point and insult for the PTA.. according to them they have banned Facebook, Youtube and 150 other links (I would love to know the names of those though) due to the caricatures, but somehow I can still access porn.. Idiots!

I live in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan!

So the latest events to make me hate the fact that I live in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the ban on Social Media Site, Facebook! This has been a result of some Dope Head sitting far far away and a Radical-With-No-Brains who was sitting in the Lahore High Court! (To understand the sarcasm please read my last post)

Anyways so I am sitting online, with absolutely no contact with my Mafia, Pet or Farm. A thousand other in this country are also sitting along with me cursing the government and the newly-found of the Courts that at least I am already starting to regret. (Never thought I would say that)

I just don’t understand the ban.. SO we banned facebook so that they can

There couldn't have been more than a 100 peole at this protest.. I saw the Karachi version of it!Image from dawn.com

carry on with their “Everyone Draw Mohammad Day” Peacefully without any interference or Protest.. Thank you whoever you were who did this case in the Lahore High Court! The entire Country is cursing you!

I mean, people couldn’t you have just gone and reported the page.. It seems like we were celebrating the day.. that’s why it was so important to block Face book here in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.. I mean… think for a minute before doing something.. And next you know it they would be going out on the streets doing protest and in the process of voicing their opinions, they would burn motorcycles, shops and cars, thus affecting so many people by their idiotic way of thinking things through! Continue reading

And the Contenders are Muslims and FaceBook

So I am sure most of you who have their eyes and ears open on Facebook must have heard about the latest thing that has come to bite the ass of most Muslims… So what must have happened is that a couple of dope heads would have gotten together and this is how imagine the conversation must have taken place..

Dope Head #1: Hey dude whats up…

DP#2 : Nothing man.. just the same old …Even Virtual World is so f***** bore nowadays

DP#1 : Hey lets push some Muslims button.. that is always fun for a few days at least

DP#2: I know what you mean man.. The South Park push was a nice one..,,

DP#1: or like the time when this Danish guy pissed them.. that was fun.. oh hey.. I have a great idea.. let’s do a Draw Mohammad Day.. that would truly piss them off…

DP#2: Ha Ha… that would be fun..

Dope Head Vs. The Radicals

So they did what they wanted to and then someone on this side of the globe must have read it and this is the conversation that they must have had.. Lets call them Radical-With-No-Brains

RWNB#1: Allah-ho-Akber-(God is Great) Nauzobillah (God Forgiveness) what have these infidels have done now..

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The Vicious Circle of Pakistani Intellectuals

Ever been to a meeting of the “So-Called Intellectuals” of Pakistan? NO? Then don’t worry! It’s very simple. Just go to any Cultural/Political/Art Festival or T2F Event, or simply add one of them on Facebook  and you would come across this circle of people .. this circle of people I from now on christen the “Vicious Circle of Intellectuals in Pakistan”

The Intellectuals are at it !

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