The things I can never do in Pakistan!

This is a list of all the things that I have come to conclude I can never do while living in Pakistan!

Disclaimer: This shouldn’t be looked upon as a hate post, but simply as a way to vent out!

  1. I can never commute via Cyle/motorcycle….
  2. I can never consider McDonalds junk food.. after all I am paying the same amount for it that I would pay at a five star!
  3. I can never celebrate a World Cup with my friends without worrying that a riot will break out in the crowd!
  4. I can never go to a culinary or a Ballet School.. cause we just dont have it.

    WIsh I could do that!

  5. Go to a cinema / concert / match /religion or political rallies without the fear of a bomb blast.
  6. Expect to see an uncensored movie in a cinema!
  7. Hope to have a Hyundi Fan Park in this country!

    One of the many Hyundai Fan Park that were put up during the World Cup

  8. Have a celebration after a match without the gun shots!
  9. Drive in my own lane for more than 5 minutes without being dippered from behind!
  10. Work on my computer without worrying about data loss, Courtusy Karachi Electric Supply Company!

What Else.. what else?

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Our Biased Media

The job of the media is to REPORT things.. but like many other institution of Pakistan, the media too has to learn on how to be able to report. This is an immature institution which has to learn a lot from sensible reporting to investigative journalism. And so far – almost 10 years to be exact- the excuse of the media has been “WE ARE STILL A YOUNG INSTITUTE – GIVE US TIME”

I don’t believe or buy this excuse because when you have predecessor to guide you then this excuse simply doesn’t work.

Recently, Dunya news displayed a news item on its slide bar, that Muktaran Mai was caught stealing electricity. Now, agreed that this is a crime and that we are all responsible citizens and should condemn it. But was it right to target a women like that, who was from her tragedy done a lot for the country?

Isn’t our great ex-leader President Musharraf, who shouted from every forum, that his country is his foremost responsibility and it is that which pulled him towards the power so that he maybe our savior- isn’t he stealing electricity? A report in Express newspaper suggested otherwise.

Didn’t KESC found that within the limits of the navy residential project KARSAZ, around 70 high naval officials were found stealing electricity?

Don’t we all know it for a fact, that all major industries and high profile people of this country are inafact indulged in this crime?

Then why did the media take it upon to target a women, who at least has done something for this country? Is it because she is weak and can’t create some trouble for the media, which Musharraf and his “buddies” could have?