You know you are too bored….

  1. When you are checking your friends friends list to find a cute face…
  2. When you are constantly hearing imagining you cell phone ring.
  3. When you are reading the entire thread of 56 comments on someone’s status on FaceBook
  4. When you are reading every single editorial column published in the Newspaper
  5. When after getting done with the Editorial you are reading the Real Estate Page.

    The height of Boredom (Image from:

  6. When after getting done with both the Editiorial and the Real Estate Page, you are browsing through car ads, when though you don’t need one or can even afford one!
  7. When you are deciding the menu for a party that you are supposed to throw a month later.
  8. When you finally decide that you should clean your room
  9. When you are making up random list to prove to the entire world that how pathetic youf life is getting!