Of Broken Promises and Depatures

I made a promise on this blog that I would get in the process of writing everyday, and this I described as a “healing process”, a way to get better and to get over my pain. But the promise was broken by me again. For those of you who kept up with this blog, you would know about my Grandmother’s illness, and how much pain she was in.

Her last photographs before she went to the hospital!

The angel of death came for her finally on the 26th of May. On that day, she left us forever and ever for a much better place. I described what I am feeling to my family as the feeling when someone is leaving you and you don’t get to say goodbye to them, and they don’t get to say it back to them, like the break up goodbye, that particular goodbye when you know that this is it; there is no turning back, life would never be the same from this point on! Continue reading

And now she struggles with Cancer!

I don’t have the strength to write today. I am tried, and sad. After struggling with unknown diseases for ages, today finally, after a week of being in the hospital , for failing lungs, my paternal grandmother (Dadi) has been diagnosed with Cancer.

It’s in the final stages, and we think that this maybe it!

People, if any of you have to pray, then please pray that her pain ends!

My cousin .. you will be missed

This blog was really inspired because of the unfair death of my cousin, a 17-year-old boy who for his entire life has fought a war with thalassemia. His illness was discovered when he was only a kid, an innocent age of  2. Since then, he and his mom have gone from hospital to hospital, prayed, bowed and grovelled themselves before God to hope for a miracle.

The way I am related to him is a long chain. And most of you out there who are Pakistani’s would understand that this is just how we work as families. My maternal grandfather’s brother got his son married to his wife’s sister’s (who was also his cousin as well) daughter. Now that brother’s own one daughter is given away at this aunts house. Yes i know it can be complicated.

Anyways, after the kid was born, the grandfather or the mother of the groom were monsters, they beated her up, cursed her and treated her in the most inhumane manner. But bless the Pakistani wife of 20 years ago, she kept quite and beared all of this as her kismet, maybe, i don’t know what went through her head.

They never once spent a dime on that kid after he was born, although there were pretty well off, but the way this grandfather’s bro thought was that this would be a bad investment, and thus on his own grandson, he never spend a single dime. But fate was not yet in the mood to be ironic. And the kid grew slowly and steadily, with the support of that Godly women, that was his mother, and although his blood needed to be changed every 15 days, they didnt let go of hope. And it was a result of this hope that the kid got 17 and then got the highest ranks in the matric board and got scholarships to the best collages. Continue reading

Rehman Dacoit Dead!

The recent piece of news that is no doubt going to shock many people is that the famous Rehman Dacoit was killed in the late hours of  Sunday night during a Police encounter in the Steel Town area.

Rehman Baloch or famously known as Rehman dacoit, and sometime even dubbed as the robinhood of Lyari. He was a local baloch and was wanted by the police on various allegations which varied from drug charges to murder and gang war crimes in Lyari, but still the images of his funeral that are coming to us slowly and steadily give an image that its not a dacoit that has died but a great public figure has passed away.

Rehman Dacoit

Rehman Dacoit

It has been said that he was in jail at the same time that Asif Ali Zardari was in prison, and that is how the two of them got to become friends. This was the reason that after Zardari coming into politics a lot of people didnt hesitate in claiming that now Rehman Dacoit would have a free hand in the Lyari area and in the city.

Rumors also had it that he was the one driving the truck of Benazir Bhutto on her return home on the 18th of October and that he also drove her back to safety after the bomb blast.

It is hard for many, that would include me, that how is it that a guy like him who is involved in so many crimes would be made into a hero figure by the people. Googling Rehman Dacoit opened up a lot of pages and one of them had the following to say about him,

“Rehman Dacoit is a legend in Lyari anywhere you go and is titled, “Robinhood of Lyari”, probably because he’s the sole bread provider to thousands of jobless families …….I am standing at “Jhatpat Market” at the office of the so-called, Robinhood of the Area – Rehman Dacoit. The name of the office, “Rehman Enterprise” with a battalion of heavily armed men guarding the place. I did see a “Mohafiz” 4×4, the new Sindh Police Force established to counter, dacoits by Waseem Akhter – the former, MQM Interior Minister of Sindh.”

(excerpt from http://akchishti.blogspot.com/2008_12_01_archive.html)

In a country where more than 50% of the people live under the poverty line, it is not surprising that people would find their heros and saviors in people like Rehman Dacoit. He might have had a lot of charges against him, but I am sure that he might have done some good some where…. thus the crowds at the funerals.

Isn’t it ironic how the lines of good and bad, of morality and ethics blurring away more and more every day ?

Another Iran protester dies in jail: report

An Iranian student arrested in protests against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election has died in jail, a newspaper said on Sunday, the second such death reported in recent days.

Amir Javadifar, “a student of industrial management in Qazvin (city) died in prison,” the reformist Etemad newspaper said, adding that his family has been asked to come for the body Sunday morning.

Etemad said Javadifar had been arrested in July 9 protests and had injuries in his arm and nose but it did not elaborate on the cause of death.

Newspapers reported on Saturday that Mohsen Ruholamini, 25, who had also been arrested on July 9 when thousands of protesters took to the streets on the anniversary of a bloody student uprising in 1999, also died in custody.

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians poured into Tehran streets after the disputed June 12 re-election of Ahmadinejad to protest their “stolen votes” before a crackdown by security forces.

Iranian official reports say at least 20 people died and more than 1,000 were arrested in the protests. Dozens of reformist leaders, journalists and human rights activists have also been jailed in the wake of the disputed election.

Iran’s opposition leaders have warned against mistreatment of the detainees and called for their unconditional release.

(This article is available at http://arabia.msn.com/News/MiddleEast/AFP/2009/July/881095.aspx?ref=rss)