Sorry for the disappearance!

It’s been a very long time since I have written anything, and the major reason for this has been that I have been busy like hell with some personal stuff. And while I am not done with it yet, lets just say that it has been put aside for the time being.

But the good news has been that I have been reading up on a lot of things lately, so the way things have been done on this blog and other would change considerably!

So keep tuned!

My brand new another Blog !

Ladies and Gentleman, after my Primary Blog that you are reading at the moment, I would now like to present to you my new blog

Presenting you "Architecture and Other Headaches"

This blog is about my major – that is Architecture. And it is where I would be sharing stories about my work, my internship, my design projects. And I would love to know your opinions and your ideas!

So people do let me know what you think and do make a visit  !