The things I can never do in Pakistan!

This is a list of all the things that I have come to conclude I can never do while living in Pakistan!

Disclaimer: This shouldn’t be looked upon as a hate post, but simply as a way to vent out!

  1. I can never commute via Cyle/motorcycle….
  2. I can never consider McDonalds junk food.. after all I am paying the same amount for it that I would pay at a five star!
  3. I can never celebrate a World Cup with my friends without worrying that a riot will break out in the crowd!
  4. I can never go to a culinary or a Ballet School.. cause we just dont have it.

    WIsh I could do that!

  5. Go to a cinema / concert / match /religion or political rallies without the fear of a bomb blast.
  6. Expect to see an uncensored movie in a cinema!
  7. Hope to have a Hyundi Fan Park in this country!

    One of the many Hyundai Fan Park that were put up during the World Cup

  8. Have a celebration after a match without the gun shots!
  9. Drive in my own lane for more than 5 minutes without being dippered from behind!
  10. Work on my computer without worrying about data loss, Courtusy Karachi Electric Supply Company!

What Else.. what else?

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