No such thing as “Randomness”

I was listening to this TED talk the other day, in which Amy Tan talks about creativity. Now to get the entire jist of the talk, you can all jus thead over here. What I really want to talk about is something that she hit upon in her talk – The subject of Randomness – How her mother believed in everything but Randomness!

Now I have never been very religious, but lately I have come to conclude that everything happens for a reason. I am not talking about karma here, I am talking about the overall scheme of things!

Take for example the KLF – a series of random happenings – Gulzar backs off, then the Indians back off – Random right! But then on the very first day of the event, it rains! No one would have guessed it can rain! And all the sessions that had to be cancelled cause of the rain fit right into – yup you guessed it – in the empty slots where the sessions of the various people from India were to take place.

A more personal and a closer example would be resume (which is something very important an aspect of my life nowadays as I am trying to switch jobs).

One glance at it and you would say, “This one has no idea about what she wants to do with her life”.

But believe it or not, every random act that I did has some how added to my previous job requirements. For example I did my first internship at the age of 14 at Dawn, I learnt to write a copy there, editing, filing, selecting articles by critically analyzing which one will be the best.

I worked as a trainee in a Summer Camp at the age of 16, it helped me to know more about kids and what they  like, how to handle them, what ticks them educational excercises wise (is that a word).

I worked for HUM TV as a Lineup Producer, and boy did that come handy when I worked as a Curator in OUP and was handling the Oral History Documentary lineup.

I studied Architecture and although I never completed it, I learnt the skills of research, writing, designing, etc there. And again that helped in a big way in my life and especially as a Museum Curator.

So therefore two days ago when this guy interviewing me for the job asked me, “I see so many different streams of interest in you resume. Which one would you like to focus on?”

I simply had only one reply, “They are not different streams. They all come together to help me and be good at my job.”


Go ahead, Take a Camera With you!

Mostly I take my camera along on trips, where I would take pictures of the scenery, the landscape, the rock, the tree, the distant cliff which would lose all significance after it has been taken, etc. Point being, I would take pictures of everything that is not human!

So when my best friend’s wedding came along, it was impossible that I don’t take my camera along. Of course I wanted to take picture of everything that was happening! I covered her events from the start – from her engagement till her reception!

I was warned by my mother – a Professional Photographer herself – that once you have a camera you won’t be able to NOT take pictures. And she was right! My friend and her family urged me ever so often to take a picture of them and upload them as soon as I can! Facebook seems to give us instant gratification and assurances about how we look – or in my case, how good (or bad) a picture we took, doesn’t it?

People seem to love having their picture taken, even when they know they would never get to see it again

But there is another side of having a camera! Once you have a camera, it opens up a whole new world for you! People would start talking to you – the conversation starter always being about which camera you have, why are you into it, etc etc. They would start getting frank with you, they would ask you to take their pictures, they would thank you for it, make you promise that you would tag them, and suddenly bonds would be made!

And as the days would pass, they would start recognizing you, smiling at you, greeting you, requesting you to take their picture! Continue reading