My brand new another Blog !

Ladies and Gentleman, after my Primary Blog that you are reading at the moment, I would now like to present to you my new blog

Presenting you "Architecture and Other Headaches"

This blog is about my major – that is Architecture. And it is where I would be sharing stories about my work, my internship, my design projects. And I would love to know your opinions and your ideas!

So people do let me know what you think and do make a visit  !

Before becoming an Architect…

some one should tell you that this is going to be the biggest mistake that you would ever make. Maybe if you are a sadist, or a person who likes to inflict torture upon himself, then maybe you wont be so put out by this profession. Other wise, you should really think twice.You should try hitting your head against the wall a couple of times, then maybe inflict torture upon yourself, poke a hive of bees, sit under a lamp with a highest volt bulb that you can find facing you and then staying awake for 4 days. If after doing all this you think, that you are still up for the challenge, maybe because of the fact that you have hurt yourself too bad, or you just simply enjoy the adrenaline rush, then by all means go for it.

The curse of Architects

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The Programs and Manifestos of the 20th Century

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This was the book selected to be the first book for our class… And the discussions that led the reading of this book were nothing short of invigorating..

Reading such a huge selection of thoughts of one of the most dynamic centuries that we have witnessed, it was no doubt a heated debate..

Starting from the roots of the church being the dominant force to Darwin, and “Religion is the opium of people” we finally came to the topic of the book, and discussed how there was in evolution of the thoughts itself in the book… from a very simple idea of “returning to the true forms ” like the greeks had been able to .. to actually having a program about how to go around accomplishing it… The book is a must read to understanding the architectural development of the 20th Century.

Back to it..

Today was the first day back to university after a month off… God i felt like i would go insane if i stay home anymore.. somtimes i feel i can never be satisfied with anything in life…

When ur working. u will u would die with the burden of it.. and if ur not, then i feel i would die from the lack of it..

I am an Architectural student and i have just started my 4th year in it. .and my teachers were nice enough to mention it to us that this year they would do everything to break us or to either lead us to the point where we have a great thesis..

So i guess this is the high time that i should start thinking about my thesis and what i intend to do with it next year..