South Park and the Prophet: The ultimate (NO)Showdown

So I didn’t even know that once again South Park has done it! I only got to know about it after I watched this report on CNN that I realized that the Muslims are suppose to be pissed at South Park. I immediately got online and did a bit of research. I was just dying to find that first I searched for what the main issue was.. and this is what I found..

South Park’ Producers Say Network

Cut Fear Speech

I really wanted this post to be written after I had seen the 201st episode of South Park, but thanks to the censorship by both the studio and the most disgusting quality of the show available, I have yet to fulfill this dream of mine. But so far from what I have seen, let me just remind all the sensitive religious people out there who feel that God has chosen them to safeguard the reputation of Prophet, who just have to make a case out of everything…THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO GET UPSET ABOUT IN THIS EPISODE.. AND NO THEY DIDN’T MAKE FUN OF THE PROPHET.. SO SHUT UP AND GO FIND  YOURSELF A VIRGIN SOMEWHERE!

I am absolutely sick with all this drama that these people have to Continue reading