Hachiko gave my dad an Heart attack

The initial title of this post was “Hachiko: my latest Inspiration”. This was post-dads-heart attack. But now however, this title is completely appropriate for this film. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean this sarcastically. This is literary true!


We rarely watch movies together, so this was a rare act that was performed especially in the honor of this movie. I think it was the love of animals that my dad had that made us all sit together. We all cried like babies, tears streaming down our faces like there was no end tomorrow. My dad however didn’t display this act of attachment to this movie, but he was moved. We discussed the movie for hours after it was over.. I don’t know how is the film doing n the box office or anything, but for us the film was an instant hit.

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Chitti Hatia

I got the chance to watch the film “Chitti Hatia” or White Shops by Sharad Sharma, as it was being screened today at the Audio Visual Department, organized by Department of Visual Studies.

The Poster of the film "Chitti Hattia"

The Poster of the film "Chitti Hattia"

The film was simply an effort of Bitto Shah to find the ancestral pre-partition  home of his family in the area of Chitti Hatia, in Rawalpindi. The film can at best be described as the emotional search of a man. As from the point of view of story, it doesn’t contribute anything concrete, or anything new that people haven’t heard or seen before. At best, rather than being called a film it should have been called a page from some one’s diary.

The techniques of the film are nothing unique. The film has simply been shot at a handycam. And it should be acknowledged that they used every mean that they had with them to tell of their experience.

The film in itself has nothing new to offer, except maybe the emotions of a man determined to fulfill his fathers last wish, and the desperate search of that house in a country which has changed drastically since 1947. It gives an insight about how an artifical partition destroyed the homes and families of so many people.. yet nothing new.

I think the only powerful thing about the movie is the raw emotions that reaches out of the screen to touch you and make you realize that the pain of the partition has been felt by both sides for a much more longer time than we like to acknowledge.

Or maybe it is just about finding your roots. I guess that is the most important thing in the end.. finding out where are you coming from and wher are you going.. And it is a search that we are all a part of!

Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?

Layout 9Last night browsing through channels as i spent my Saturday evening home, I found this movie.. and i caught it from the start.. The movie is absolutely hilarious and real. This is how the modern documentaries should be.. about the people.

The documentary has achieved it.. with contacting people on the streets and asking their views directly instead of interviewing people sitting in their highly polished offices having no idea about how the people – the majority actually feels about a situation.

I think that for Morgan himself it turned out to be more than just the ordinary search for the most wanted man in the world. For him it was an emotional connection with all the people. The documentary had a personal touch to it.

The documentary follows the footsteps of Osama Bin Laden himself, and what is astonishing is it that it was the common uneducated man, who clearly pointed out that in the midst of all the poverty, it is a very difficult job to keep the kids from following the path of fundamentalism, which promises you not only haven but also VIRGINS in the after life.

What was most astonishing to me was his interviews or his efforts to interview kids from the high school.. not only does it become obvious the lack of freedom that they hold to speak their minds out but also that they have absolutely been brainwashed and have no thinking of their own.

It also became obvious that the Saudi are more than anything are afraid of their position in the world. They want to make sure that the world thinks that they are on the American side while they keep supporting the radical Wahhabism that they have created.

Overall, the mission might have failed for Morgan, but it was an excellent movie!

Schindler’s List, Palestine and Israel

I had never heard of Schindler’s list – that is not until the start of this year. But all of a sudden it was everywhere. The film was being refereed to students by their studio teachers – both of architecture and media.

So it was only curiosity that made me grab the first chance i got to see it. The film started off slow, with your typical hero engrossed in women and parties, but that perspective soon changed.

As i saw the movie – with commentary provided by my mom and sister as the backdrop, claiming that the film is just a propaganda film- i realized that the Jews have come a long way from the days of WW2.

Things that happened to them can never be imagined, their strength in those times, and their hope that they would make me should be saluted, for the truth is that they have survived. Or it should be said that they have not only survived, but that they have made sure that something like that, never happens to them again.

They are a major part of the power play.. but what needs to be realized that today what we see in Palestine is merely a switch of roles.. You have your innocent Jews the Palestinians, as the Jews play the role of the Germans.. not on the same level… but the massacre is there…

A realization has to come.. Many of us – especially in the Eastern World- tend to dismiss Israel as in human bastards. But the truth of that matter is that they do feel for Palestine.

JERUSALEM, Jan 23 (Reuters) – Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Friday that he wept upon hearing a Palestinian father calling for help live on television after his children were killed during Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip. “I cried when I saw this. Who didn’t? How could you not?,
“When you win, you automatically hurt more than you’ve been hurt. And we didn’t want to lose this campaign. What did you want, for hundreds of our soldiers to die? That, after all, was the alternative,” Ehud Olmert told the newspaper.

They do feel for those human being living and breathing in Gaza- I understand that they have been through a lot – But nothing can justify your act.
Schindler helped you. He made a difference, by not judging people on the basis of their religion.

You need to understand the difference too.