Michael Jackson… The world remembers you!

On the morning of June 25th 2009, the greatest legend was taken away from all of us. His name, Michael Jackson, someone who will be remembered for ages and people would tell their kids and grand kids about him in awe and amazement, knowing that it was a privilege living in the same time as the legend himself.

This morning on July 8th 2009 was no doubt an emotional morning for million of fans around the world as they said their final good bye to the legend that is Micheal Jackson. The memorial held at Staples Center Los Angles, where Michael Jackson rehearsed for the last time,  was no doubt sentimental and a great tribute to the legend. You couldn’t have had a tribute to Micheal Jackson without the music or laughter or reminiscing about the good times because in some way this is the only you can define the life journey of the legend himself… it was tragedy and beauty, pain and happiness, sorrow and laughter… this was how the life of the legend can be described and this is how his final tribute was.

MJ's Family at the end of the memorial service

MJ's Family at the end of the memorial service

It is astonishing to know that people wouldn’t let go of their cynicism even after some one’s death. The name calling and the ridicule was continued by many even after his death. Many continued by the name calling that followed him through out his life ..many newspapers displayed headlines saying “Jacko dead” which was not taken in a nice manner by many and many felt that it was insulting to call names to some one who is no more … some even went on to say that the entire family was putting on a show……

But the fact of the matter remains that the entire world couldn’t have been putting on a show last night.. people could be seen in churches holding hands, saying prayers together, singing to the songs of the great legends, crying, and realizing that this is the end of an era…. It was the end of the Micheal Jackson Era.

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php5K8dkPEven in his memorial he ended up doing a great deed by introducing us to a young boy “Shaheen” who stunned the world by his performance and his voice. But still there were people who raised eyebrows about the relationship of this boy to Michael Jackson. I guess they wont leave him alone even now in his death.. there are always going to be people that would find something to say against him, but I always say to these people first see about what he has given us, what he gave to the world and then judge him against the cruel words that you have to say for him.  You will be missed thouroughly!


The performance of "Shaheen" who was to be introduced in his come back tour

Press Club and the New Generation of Reporters!

Press Club yesterday had arranged a ceremony in honor of Mr. Qazi Junagarhi, a journalist/author, and for Raees Fatima, also an author, columnist and a retired professor, and the life partner of Mr. Qazi. It was during the ceremony that this strange thought came to my mind. The occurrence of this particular thought was due to a reporter who made it clear to me how intelligent are our reporters and the people who hire them.

Asking questions to Raees Fatima, he asked her what this book was about, and which cities had been included in this book of her which is about her travels in India. This particular journalist was only interested in making a news that was to be a part in the newspapers of today. And thus he just kept insisting that she tell him what the entire book is about, which in my opinion he should have bothered to read and then put a news about.In his defense he just kept saying that he is here to make a news item and not to write a critique on the book.

Insistently she finally told her about what she has written giving enough details so that he can make his story for the paper. She told him her vies about the Indian city and then mentioned that it was great going to India for she was also from the city of Allahabad. And then the reporter goes ahead and asks her “But isn’t Allahabad in Bangladesh?”

Allahabad has been a prominent city in our history and it was therefore shocking to me that this reporter from a leading Urdu newspaper didn’t know where Allahabad is. This made me realize that thought the number of newspapers and television channels may have increased but the intellectual levels of our reporters is deteriorating by the day.

Press Club was an exclusive club and a majestic building. Getting membership into the Press Club was an honor. Years of struggles against dictatorship had been conducted from this very Club, namely against Zia-ul-Haq. Journalism and Journalist therefore were not only given respect and honor but were also looked upon in awe. These people not only managed to go out and search for the stories that they wanted but they also found a way to say what they had to.

Minhaj Burna, a prominent name in Urdu Journalism, was a member of this great club, and it was from inside these walls that he had launched a struggle for a press media and press during the Zia regime.

Ex-president Musharraf may claim to have given a lot of freedom to the media and it is true that it was during his tenure that the number of private channels increased threefold. But that is one side of the story. The institutions to carter to this demand haven’t been increased in the same way. And it is maybe that’s why that we have reporters that have no idea even where a prominent city like Allahabad, which not only played a great role in the struggle of Independence but also produced some great writers of our time, existed.

So maybe it is not entirely true to blame the reporters, but then knowledge can not only be found in Institutes.

Our Biased Media

The job of the media is to REPORT things.. but like many other institution of Pakistan, the media too has to learn on how to be able to report. This is an immature institution which has to learn a lot from sensible reporting to investigative journalism. And so far – almost 10 years to be exact- the excuse of the media has been “WE ARE STILL A YOUNG INSTITUTE – GIVE US TIME”

I don’t believe or buy this excuse because when you have predecessor to guide you then this excuse simply doesn’t work.

Recently, Dunya news displayed a news item on its slide bar, that Muktaran Mai was caught stealing electricity. Now, agreed that this is a crime and that we are all responsible citizens and should condemn it. But was it right to target a women like that, who was from her tragedy done a lot for the country?

Isn’t our great ex-leader President Musharraf, who shouted from every forum, that his country is his foremost responsibility and it is that which pulled him towards the power so that he maybe our savior- isn’t he stealing electricity? A report in Express newspaper suggested otherwise.

Didn’t KESC found that within the limits of the navy residential project KARSAZ, around 70 high naval officials were found stealing electricity?

Don’t we all know it for a fact, that all major industries and high profile people of this country are inafact indulged in this crime?

Then why did the media take it upon to target a women, who at least has done something for this country? Is it because she is weak and can’t create some trouble for the media, which Musharraf and his “buddies” could have?