The party that we had!

Yesterday, we had, after a very long time,  a family get together to celebrate my first pay! The initial plan was to go out and dine somewhere, but my sweet Aunts decided that it would require too much money to be spent, and instead it would be a better idea to enjoy a dinner at home.

The idea seemed perfect, since they have never enjoyed food cooked by me and they really wanted to try out food cooked by me. And  I was excited just as well, since it has been a while since I have cooked for a party! So overall it seemed like the perfect plan. It took me almost 5 hours to cook everything, but at the end of it, it was pretty good!

Now although I didn’t take any pictures of the event (and even if I had, I don’t think I would have shared them), let me just share the menu with you!

For starters we had, Homemade Phyllo Cups, which I got from this wonderful blog that I have been following nowadays, FifteenSpatulas.

Image via

After that, there was the Main Dish, whose recipe I got Leites Culinaria. Its called Baked Chicken with Cinnamon Butter, and the chicken turned out to be wonderfully juicy and delicious. Although I was worried about whether the taste of the cinnamon might prove to be too much, but no, it was a wonderful dish! Continue reading

Of Broken Promises and Depatures

I made a promise on this blog that I would get in the process of writing everyday, and this I described as a “healing process”, a way to get better and to get over my pain. But the promise was broken by me again. For those of you who kept up with this blog, you would know about my Grandmother’s illness, and how much pain she was in.

Her last photographs before she went to the hospital!

The angel of death came for her finally on the 26th of May. On that day, she left us forever and ever for a much better place. I described what I am feeling to my family as the feeling when someone is leaving you and you don’t get to say goodbye to them, and they don’t get to say it back to them, like the break up goodbye, that particular goodbye when you know that this is it; there is no turning back, life would never be the same from this point on! Continue reading

Old Age is a bitch!

My dadi (Paternal grandmother) after spending a week in the hospital, finally came home this Sunday, something that she really wanted for herself! But within 12 hours, her condition had once again deteriorated so much that she needed to be rushed to the hospital.

Old age is a curse. Image from:

And I have to say it, it is time that we accept that this might be the end for her. She is suffering, and is in so much pain that it really makes one wonder how can one even bear this much pain!

How can one even tolerate this much torture.. yes I cal it a torture. Torture for the soul and torture to your own self. Continue reading

Of some different relationships!

One thing that my dadi’s (paternal grandmother) illness has taught me, is that there are things beyond blood relationships!

Don’t get me wrong, its not like I hadn’t already figured this out in the 25 years of my existence, but sometimes the pain that you see or the care that you see from other people, is only due to your association with the said ill person.

But in my dadi’s case, she has been able to form such bonds of love with people, that what unraveled today couldn’t be described as something short of “pure innocence”. Continue reading

And now she struggles with Cancer!

I don’t have the strength to write today. I am tried, and sad. After struggling with unknown diseases for ages, today finally, after a week of being in the hospital , for failing lungs, my paternal grandmother (Dadi) has been diagnosed with Cancer.

It’s in the final stages, and we think that this maybe it!

People, if any of you have to pray, then please pray that her pain ends!

Mother’s Day: Corporate Venture or Something more?

A lot has been said about Mother’s Day and there is absolutely nothing more that I can say or add here.. But somehow I have never been able to celebrate this day as is expected from the us now thanks to the media.. they have found one more way to make us feel bad about how they should be showering their mother/father/sister/dog/neighbor with love, flowers, and cards..

See I don’t think that there is anyone out there who doesn’t appreciate what their parents do for them.. And if they don’t then believe me one day won’t change their feelings. But putting all this emphasis on them for one day and then just taking it away from them the other day is just as cruel.. I mean, the love should be constant.. not a day where you can wash away your guilt for the rest of the year.

So yes, you have guessed it right.. I didn’t give my mother anything special, or buried her under tons of flowers, but for me and my sister it has been a constant understanding since we were kids.

Both of my parents worked, and therefore whatever responsibilities were there had to be shared. I have seen my mother and my father return from work at 12 am and at that point they would come pick us up from our grand mother’s house and then take us home. I have seen her struggle as she tried to explain the concept that there are mother’s who work and not just stay home all day and that too is okay. Continue reading

Hello World

Hello all of you out there,

Let me tell you what thisblog is going to be all about.. Its going to be all about my family..

Ever been in a situation where you are in the drawing room, just listening to your family talk about one crappy topic after the other, and then aruguing about the silliest of things, that you are sure is even below the level of your 4 year old nieces and nephews, and you want to scream and explode, but you cant? 

NO.. YES.. MAYBE???!!!!

My Extended too big a family

Well i have been there far too many times, and thus this is going to be a blog where i m going to bitch about them like hell, share all of their dark secrets out here, dont bother about capitalizing anything, and basically vent out, so that i may keep my sanity the next time i am with them.

So here goes nothing..about to unveil to the world the dark secrets of a pakistani middle class family.. hope you find a glimpse of your own in here so i may less pathetic!