The Learning Process!

I have failed – magnificently – and a lot of times!

I have fallen on my ass and on my face, and on other body parts more time than I can care to remember or recall.

But as I mentioned before, I am okay with that!

I like the fact that I fail, that I take a chance that might not end up in being a success. And all of this was important. It was important or else I would not have ended up here! So I am okay with my life. I am okay with being where I am in my life and I am learning to be more accepting of it. To be more thankful for it.

There are times when you just need to say these things out loud. And today was just one of those days. So I am done with my ranting people. You may continue with your business as usual.

Music making my world go round!

Have you ever sat somewhere, office or a bus, listening to your music and feeling like any second the whole world would bust into a synchronized dance and start following the beat that is beating against your ear drum?

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I am sitting right now in the office quite sleepy and drowsy.. the worst thing about these jobs has always been the backache that I seem to get almost as soon as I start working and this time too, my back is on the verge of killing me. The pain can be quite terrible at times and therefore most of the day, you would find me constantly rearraging myself on the chair, shifting from one position to other!  Continue reading

Sorry for the disappearance!

It’s been a very long time since I have written anything, and the major reason for this has been that I have been busy like hell with some personal stuff. And while I am not done with it yet, lets just say that it has been put aside for the time being.

But the good news has been that I have been reading up on a lot of things lately, so the way things have been done on this blog and other would change considerably!

So keep tuned!

I can’t think the way you think!

I remember this one incident, I was in the van with a few of my class mates… we were out for a workshop for a week in Khairpur. It was around 10 am or something – and I am just not a nice person at that time – and we were on the road, off to our work site.

And now since our site was a rural, village site, it wasn’t surprising that on the road we were met with a gang of cows….. So I am looking at this herd of cows, stuck in this limbo with modern roads and immense fields on the side, and with our car honking at them.

The excitment in the car, no doubt, escalted at this, which is shocking considering that we are not in kindergarten. Anyways, out of no where I think out aloud, “What must these cows be thinking?”

Fluffy taking a bath - The younger years!

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Things that help: Writing

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Continuing on the thread from tomorrow, let me share with you one of the things that truly help’s me in venting out and as a result calming myself down when I am in shit or when I am feeling shitty or when life all around is generally shitty.

And that magical thing people is writing! I love writing! Did you know that about me! I just love to write! (Note to self: Add this in my About page, which you need to visit ASAP, if you haven’t already)

It’s the sort of thing that helps me pour my heart out! I am good with words and expressing myself in words, and not the spoken kind, people! I mean the kind that comes out from my pen, and now my keyboard!

And I can honestly say nothing helps me more than writing!  Continue reading

Seeking Help.. there is nothing wrong in it!

People, lately I have been down in the drains.. the reasons have been many to put here! But the fact remains, I am down in the dumps! And So I am seeking help!

I am seeking help from a close circle of friends, from blogs, from music, from books, from work, from things around me! It’s not like I am distracting myself.. with the things that are going on nowadays, it is simply out of the question of not staring them right in the eye!

Life is about taking action!

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“Yes, my Privacy settings mean a lot to me!”

So yes, I am a private person, and I don’t like sharing a whole lot with the entire world! I have few friends in real life with whom I prefer to share a lot! And then there only one or two with whom I share everything!

And I think that holds true for most of us!

The same attitude is a practice of mine on FB as well! And therefore it is very difficult for me to explain to people when they come up to me and say, “Dude we can’t see that(insert whatever you like here) on your (FB) profile”!

Even my mother has complained to me about this.

But the fact of the matter remains, that I am a very private person, and I guard my privacy above everything else!

I have almost my entire family on FB, and then I have some of my most closest friends on it as well. And you can’t always expect your friends to say the most audience-appropriate thing, so yes a lot of things have to get censored!  Continue reading