Occupy Wall Street

I wanted to write something about it for a long time, and during some research for this subject, I found some great images that I just really wanted to share with all of you! These images, and this movement, means so much to me, and isn’t every struggle a prove of our existance, of our being alive, of our passion, and the strength of the human spirit? I don’t know if they would succeed or not, but I know that every struggle is a step in waking up the human spirit and giving it a jolt, and that has been done for sure! 

Image from: occupythegame.com

Image from: occupythegame.com

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The debate of the Genders – Part II

In the matter of genders, we are a region that can be said to be both progressive as well as backwards. But lets look at it from the point of view of being a progressive first. Let me also make it clear that when I use the word “region” I refer to the Eastern side of the globe, especially within the context of South Asia.

The many women that have made their name because of their Political Leadership

The East can very proudly claim to have the first woman Prime Minister, Sirimavo Bandaranaike (April 17 1916 – October 10th 2000) of Sri Lanka.  Not only was she the first female head of the Sri Lankan Government, but was also the world’s first female head of any Government. She served three terms as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka and Ceylon, these being from 1960-65, 1970-77 and 1994-2000.

She was followed by Indira Gandhi from India (1966 ,1980)  – this was long before the West was going to elect  Golda Meir (1969) or  Margaret Thatcher (1979). From the Far Eastern side of the globe, that is Philippines, you had Corazon Aquino (1986) – a symbol for love and peace, who was swept into the office after her bloodless “People Revolution” led to the downfall of Ferdinand Marcos. Continue reading

Protest at Karachi University

The Teacher’s and a couple of students protested at the Arts Lobby of Karachi University today on the 13th of November 2007. No doubt it is a sad thing to see, that Karachi University which was once renowned for its Non-violence student Political activities -NSF and DSF- which produced one of the most progressive minds, today saw a lack of interest from the students of the institute.

Today they are hardly interested in what happens around the country nor are they aware that their basic rights have been taken away from them- rather stolen from them. Are the brightest- most supposedly Educated class of Karachi – throughly dead?

Winds of Change

Yesterday, after wrapping up a protest, people came up to us to ask to which Political Party we belonged to, and it was with a sense of Pride that i replies ” None, we are part of the civil society.”

For the first time, after the decline of the Zia’s regime it has been good to see the Civil society rising once again to stage its protest and to have its voices heard out. This includes students, NGO’s, Journalist, Businessmen and almost people from all sorts of life. They bring their kids along with them, and tell them with pride what this is all about. People stop their cars and tell us that they support us and give us victory signs. It is a sign of the winds which have changed…. a change very much welcomed.