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  1. Ahsanabad Cooperative housing society is under attack of land grabbers from more then 10 years they are reselling the leased plots of innocent peoples who purchased these plots to make their home or shelter after their retirement the management of Ahsanabad Cooperative society is playing with the allottess by filing a suit in high court which not properly persue by them the land grabbers have the free hand they have support of Local Police specially Police station, Ahsanabad Chowki, Deputy Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner revenue, Mukhtiarkar and whole land reveunue department government of Sindh who is deliberately not taking any action against land grabbers as well as they not give the reply even in the courts. Land grabbers make some forged documents of the following offices including Deputy Commissioner East, Deputy Commissioner West, Mukhtiar kar goth abad, Project Director Goth abad, Allah Bakhsh Village Welfare Society which is registered with the name of ALLAH Bukhsh goth welfare society as a cheritable society issuing forged documents of Allotment order, Possession order, site plan etc Police knows every thing very well but they not taking any action against land mafia even they are supporting and helping them and give them legal relax some lawyers so called professional lawyers also involved in this land grabbing because they pay heavy fees to them.

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