Hello to the world at large, and to the few lost souls who found their way to my blog! Please stay for a while, and take a look around. Subscribe if you like, or just to keep my heart! But I hope you enjoy your time here.

This blog is all about me, about the millions things that I think and feel, and go through! It’s about me! I know that at times, I can be out spoken, but then this is my space right! You may not have to agree with me, but you can always respect my views right!

Inspired from a blog I saw, I have deceided to update my About me Page.. and people it is seriously about time that I do this!

The bit that you should know about me before indulging yourself in more details about me is that me is Varda Nisar, from Pakistan, who loves to write! I love with my parents, and have a lovely support system of friends and family!

22 23 Things to know about me

1. I am the older of two daughters of two extremely wonderful people – who are both liberal and open minded and have raised me with the utmost care.

2. My best friend in the world includes Vas, Shah, UmB.

3. I love hanging out with gay men. They are comfortable to be with, and extremely non-judgmental, and thus much more easy to be with.

4. I love food. I am a foodie. I love everything to do with food! From Shopping to eating, to looking at pictures of it! I am gaga over Food.

5. Now this addiction calls for its own bullet feature. I know I already mentioned food, but still, it has to be emphasized more! Since what I feel for seafood, is simply beyond words.

6. I love Sea-food, I love sea, I love sea food while at the sea. I love beaches, I love sea food and beaches together.. you get the loop of craziness.

7. I love throwing parties, simply so I can cook some Food.. yes the craziness vents itself out in weird manners! So I love just having a few friends over and then cooking the hell out!

8. Die-hard Coke fan!

9. When it comes to music, I can listen to any genre. But it needs to appeal to me. I love Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, and yes, only recently have I started listening to Pink Floyd (Don’t screech).

10. I love my country.. not in a cheesy patriotic way.. but ya, I do love it! I live in Pakistan, and the fact of the matter remains that I never want to leave it.. I really do want to stay here forever!

11. I love books! Period!

12. In our household, since we were kids we hardly had any pictures except one. That one picture was a smuggled poster from Germany of Karl Marx……. For the longest of time, I thought he was some distant relative of ours!

13. I love animals… but I am scared when they come close to me! Which just ends up hurting me more, because I know all they want is to love you and be loved back, and I really hate myself for being a chicken! I am trying to get over this however.

14. I hate lies. More than anything else in the world. I simply fail to appreciate them.

15. I love shoes.. I am simply crazy about them.. and I can do Shoe-shopping all day!

16. I like to think of myself as an independent person.. and to some extend I am! And I love this about myself. I don’t like depending on anyone for something!

17. I love my friends. They mean the world to me! And I simply can’t be without them!

18. I love travelling. As soon as someone would mention the world “going out”, I am all ready to jump on the band wagon.. I don’t even care if we are heading to Timbuktu… I am coming along.

19. I am a messy person! I have got dirty clothes and privates lying everywhere, and I would not even care cleaning them up for months! I am disgusting in this way!

20. Putting a watch on somehow makes me serious about work! All of a sudden I am all business minded and work oriented. Weird right!

21. I think Sex and the city somehow defines this generation, so that show is my ultimate favorite! Not the movies so much however.

22. I have this wonderful turtle; the only problem is he thinks I am his female partner. That cute little idiot would courtship with me and my stuff all day long!

23. I love writing, I think its a great way of venting out and letting everything go!

Books I Love


Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

The Idiot by Fyodor Dostovosky

Roots by Alex Haley

To kill a mocking Bird by Harper Lee

Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez 


Khuda ki Basti by Shaukat Siddiqui

Jangloos by Shaukat Siddiqui

Short Stories by Saadat Hasan Minto

Movies I Love

Pretty Woman

Remember the Titans



Black Swan

Spy Games

Blood Diamond

The Departed

The Thomas Crown Affair

Accessories I Love

Hand Bags



Lip Gloss




Antique Jewellery

2 thoughts on “About

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  2. by chance i went through your blog, something broke in my heart by thinking that there were people who were thinking that way, she was my mother and i would never think like this that she should go, i was thinking of ways to relieve her from pain but still to be alive and be with me, i would never think for a fraction of second that she should go because she is pain. it was my duty to relieve her pain. she was a pleasure , happiness, center of gravity , my life my everything. i pray God never show this to any daughter that, all this time i was praying that she should be healthy again, never could think that just to relieve the pain there is only one way that she should die.
    it is so cruel to think like this. she loved life, she loved me and she wanted to be with me, never wanted that she should leave me. no matter how much pain she was in, same is the case with me, i was in so much pain before she fell sick but i didn’t want to go because i knew it will be more painful if i leave her and go.
    it is different, it is different kind of love, it is not that simple. if loved one of yours is in pain, the way to relieve pain to leave this world. we need to fight for our loved one till the end, not just sit there and wish that they should die.
    trust me this is not the only way to relieve pain……………………………………………….

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