I have been putting off giving birth to this blog for a while now! There was always something!

I will do it when I wake up early morning (that’s the image of the start of my perfect day – in reality I don’t get out of bed until after noon)

But today – like an epiphany while making tea it came to me – There is never going to be a perfect time! It’s either now or never!

So NOW is here!

And so is this blog!

I have had previous blogs, but I have decided to retire out of them! Too many people who are family know about it!

But this is just for me!

This is a fresh start – a hidden start (from family) – but nonetheless a start!

You won’t find perky details, or juicy gossips!

What you would find is reality of my life!

I will also talk about work, or link you to my work site!

What you won’t also find is consistency! But there will be tons of promises with regards to that or to counter that!

But let’s also try to change that shall we!

So Happy Readings people!

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