Printmaking Season comes to Pakistan!

Well Printmaking has never hit the country as hard as it has this September.

I had seen first hand the vigor with which Romila (Kareem) had been working for the 1st (ever) International Print Biennale, which finally takes place (you should be guessing this by now) in September – 13th September to be more accurate. What no one did expect was that it would work as a catalyst for reviving and putting the spotlight on Printmaking as a whole. Safe to say, Romila has simply done us proud.

1st International Print Biennale

And while the Biennale is to open tonight, already the atmosphere has been created. 

We had the opening of Sydney-Lahore: Prints from the Collections of Cicada Press and Saeed Akhtar Studio in Lahore, on the 9th of September. I would provide no further comment on the show, since I have not really seen the show – being in Lahore and all – but the images of the work look really good.

Sydney-Lahore, Prints from the Collections of Cicada Press and Saeed Akhtar Studio (II)

Semblance of Orderanother print group show opened up at Koel Gallery in Karachi on the 11th of September. The show, a collaboration between Pakistani and Australian Artists to promote Contemporary Art from the two countries, and it has to be said, each and every work stood out. I would know – I attended it, this one being in Karachi that is.

Semblance of Order

On the 12th of September, Karachi saw the opening the of Fantasy Asia, an exhibition of International Exchange portfolio between Print Studio of IVS, Karachi and COFA, Sydney, at the IVS Gallery.

Fantasy Asia - Exhibitions of International Print Portfolio

Not only this, there is also the Sharjah Museum Show, titled Trajectories: 19th – 21st Century Printmaking from India & Pakistan, which looks at the historical evolution of Printmaking in the South Asian region, taking place at the Sharjah Museum, which opened up on the 10th of September.


The main event however, the Biennale that is, is still a few hours ago. All updates to be posted here for sure!


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