My problem is you , woman!

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Now, I know that the feminist out there would have my neck for this statement, but for the longest period of my life, I have simply shuddered to the idea of hanging out with women, girls, aunties – basically any form of the female species.

The reason were simple when I was a teenager: I was too much of a tom boy to hang out with a crowd, whose main concern was shoes, boys, shopping, clothes, boys, dieting, dieting, boys, shopping, jewelry, makeup, shopping, dieting, etc.

For me the topic of interest were politics, religion, international happenings, sports, actually participating in sports, books, etc. My favorite hangout was British Council. Guys, I found more or less, did offer me that variety of topics to talk to them about.

More importantly, the way I had lived my life (and still do) was more or less like a guy.. I am the oldest of my parent’s two daughter and in this regard, from an early age, I started sharing some of the responsibilities with my family. I would run errands. go to the shops, etc, things which girls hardly ever did. 

So therefore talking to guys was much more easy for me!

But today at the age of 25, I myself have changed; now I do makeup, I like shopping, I think about health, if not dieting, I love shoes; But I still have not mastered the art of talking about these things for an hour straight. I still have the same interest as before plus a few more, but that doesn’t mean that I am ready to lose my brains because of it.

Lunch time at work therefore can be pretty hard on me. The guys and girls, mostly sit at different tables, and these girls and women .. OMG! There is one particular woman that I just can’t seem to tolerate, since it actually seems that the only thing left in her life is her child. Now as much as I like kids and stories about them, there is a limit to how much I can tolerate. And that limit is two stories and ten minutes, which ever comes first.

Today, the discussion reached an all time high level of stupidity, when it turned to “Presence” that the office has! The “Presence” that the office has can be felt many a times, especially at night. Then the talk moved to the “Presence” that these women have felt in their own homes and houses, and how they have tried even to sleep with them,  or how they annoyed their child when she was sleeping (guess who bought this story up).

Some one even made a case (right after my rejection of such things) that only the more innocent and pure of heart can feel such things. That why women – “who are so much more vulnerable” (read as idiots) are able to feel these things as compared to men!

My patience ended!

And thus you finally find me blogging away at lunch time.

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