The party that we had!

Yesterday, we had, after a very long time,  a family get together to celebrate my first pay! The initial plan was to go out and dine somewhere, but my sweet Aunts decided that it would require too much money to be spent, and instead it would be a better idea to enjoy a dinner at home.

The idea seemed perfect, since they have never enjoyed food cooked by me and they really wanted to try out food cooked by me. And  I was excited just as well, since it has been a while since I have cooked for a party! So overall it seemed like the perfect plan. It took me almost 5 hours to cook everything, but at the end of it, it was pretty good!

Now although I didn’t take any pictures of the event (and even if I had, I don’t think I would have shared them), let me just share the menu with you!

For starters we had, Homemade Phyllo Cups, which I got from this wonderful blog that I have been following nowadays, FifteenSpatulas.

Image via

After that, there was the Main Dish, whose recipe I got Leites Culinaria. Its called Baked Chicken with Cinnamon Butter, and the chicken turned out to be wonderfully juicy and delicious. Although I was worried about whether the taste of the cinnamon might prove to be too much, but no, it was a wonderful dish! Continue reading