Music making my world go round!

Have you ever sat somewhere, office or a bus, listening to your music and feeling like any second the whole world would bust into a synchronized dance and start following the beat that is beating against your ear drum?

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I am sitting right now in the office quite sleepy and drowsy.. the worst thing about these jobs has always been the backache that I seem to get almost as soon as I start working and this time too, my back is on the verge of killing me. The pain can be quite terrible at times and therefore most of the day, you would find me constantly rearraging myself on the chair, shifting from one position to other! 

But the best way to cure all of this has always been music! I literally can feel my feet beating against the floor under my table and sometimes I would even feel my fingers orchestrating an imaginery band following suit to the beat in my ear!

Music can transport me in a minute, and in the days when I have gone too long without them I have often felt that I am in the worst of moods and it wont be an exaggeration to say, even a bit depressed!

So here is to Music and my currently favorite songs!

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