2012: Already filled with Promises!

Reflecting upon the year gone by is a tradition that people follow but regretfully I am a complete two weeks late for this. Nevertheless, I plan to write this post so here it goes! 

The Last few years have been composed of a lot of ups and downs, but 2011 and the climax of it for me was the absoloute shittest moment of my life. I have yet to get over it. But doesnt mean that I would let that one bad year or moment define who I am. I am above that and I have more potential in me despiete the doubtst that some people would have.

2012 so far has been great! Let me update you on a few things to prove my validation of 2012 as such!

30th December 2011: I got my First job, and that too a really good one! People, you are now looking at the new Oxford University Press’s Curator, Archivist and Conservator. 

31st December 2011: I got my research Paper for the THAAP Conference, along with all the Participants of that Conference, published in the form of a book. (Read about THAAP Conference, here, here, here, here and here)

I have been extremely proud of it! And especially since Mr. Pervaiz Vandal is the most sweetest man that exists, and his support and words are truly encouraging for me!

2nd January 2012: I joined my first day on my new Job and since then I have ever been so grateful for this choice that I have made!

I have learnt a lot this year! I have learnt that,

– One incident doesn’t define you!

– Someone’s kindness and support can change things forever!

– Patience is not a bad thing after all!

– Sometimes you can find what you are looking for from the most unexpected of places/people!

– I have learnt that everything in life can be dealt with and by the end of it, you would be alright!

– Being thankful to what you have in life is the least that you can do everyday!

– Panicking will get you no where!

So it is with these lessons that I approach 2012, a year which for me promises a lot of hope and happiness! I hope that is true for all of you as well!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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