I refuse to become a PTI Troll……. I have more sense than that! – Part 1

Politics is a dirty game, and more than that it is a game that requires wit, cunningness and the recognition of the opportunity when it comes in front of you. Imran Khan, right now, is doing the same, however whether that opportunity is worth the risk is another debate. But there is no doubt that his popularity has today risen to a level where if you are not a Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaaf supporter, you are bound to get some serious lashing and ultimately leading to the conclusion, “Oh that means you are a Zardari supporter”, *SIGH* (But more on PPP later).

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In its initial days, there was little buzz regarding this party and the supporters that you would find on the streets were few and far between. His charismatic appeal was still his Cancer hospital and the 1992 World Cup victory. But beyond this, there is little in him that can attest to his leadership qualities.

Founded in the year 1996, the man’s leadership capabilities were being judged by the way he led the team in 1992, and as the only victory to his name, there was little or nothing more to attest to his Political Career. The initial members who joined the party were much in awe of this man. But there was another reason as well, or so is my analysis. 

The victory after the 1992 world cup acted as giving the entire country a reason to be intoxicated, the resulting illusions of which were that “now the world cup and after this the world”. This illusion was automatically transferred to the man who had given them the initial victory and now will lead them to conquer the world.

But despite this, his popularity never soared beyond a certain point, and it wasn’t until the Lawyers Movement that his party gained momentum. His party was finally making a stance and the youth was highly impressed with this man who was a childhood hero for many and had no corruption charges against him. He was a man that had not been tested yet by Power and its temptations and thus still represented hope.

But this symbol of hope, despite emerging as no doubt a favorite leader for many today and worth taken seriously, has had no agenda. His many promises are void and have no path to achieve them. For example, one of his many quotes that are much admired today is “I will end corruption in 90 days”. No one has asked him or he answered himself how he plans to do this.

This claim becomes even more conspicuous to believe considering that today he is building his party on the same leaders whom he resented and criticized till yesterday. Today we saw that the likes of Shah Mahmood Qureishi, Kasuri’s giving heartwarming speeches about the change they will bring to the nation. This party will only lead itself to become and be known as the party of the runaway Looters, as rumors are that the Leghari’s are in rank to follow the trend.

The history of shah Mahmood Qureishi presents him as a man who has never have had any loyalties to any party, starting from Zia-ul-Haq, his personal interest, and his vote bank from his feudal holdings have seen him switch him from PML(N) to PPP and now to PTI; Khurshid Kasoori, the man whose reputation and actions were much questioned during his tenure as the Foreign Minister in the Musharraf time; Legahari’s, the clan who sold themselves to the army during Benazir’s tenrure; Asghar Khan whose role in Bhutto’s hanging is still vivid in people’s memory.

These are the very looters that the youth claims to bring a change against, and these are the same feudal lords who have ruled us forever. How does anyone be so disillusioned to claim that a change can come when you have such people are onboard.

My heart goes out to those workers who have worked in this party since the beginning and are now going to be sidelined as the main positions of the party are being sold out to these big names, so that their vote bank can be profited by Imran Khan. If the power of the name is so intense that Imran Khan can sideline his old workers, then why should we criticize dynastic politics of the Bhutto’s?

3 thoughts on “I refuse to become a PTI Troll……. I have more sense than that! – Part 1

  1. I second the very commencement of the issue but let it be very loud and clear that it goes regardless to predict anything about Imran Khan, the only hope for the country, in fact the poor country i.e. Pakistan,. PPP has almost bogged down this country to the dust level and in continuation thereof, whoever does not support the PTI, he/she must present the alternative, or otherwise. The PPP have taken everything, the energy sources however, to the nowhere of which the questions remain in the just air.

    Referring your second, third and fourth paras, reflecting the judgment of Mr. Khan’s leadership qualities on no grounds is, I would say juvenile, puerile and infantile as no justification is given thereof. Let it be very apparent that no initiative was taken towards the brutal disease like cancer and almost 70% free treatment thereof except Khan, and again it is Khan who had arranged the only victory i.e. Cricket World Cup 1992 for Pakistan which reveals the leadership qualities of the gentleman. On the other grounds, we have not seen any fine achievement of Pakistan except ICC T20 Championship along with match fixing and spot fixing, the latest world Cup would be the best example which was sold by our own beloved PPP, the Prime Minister himself went to. If there was Imran Khan in the contemporary team, that team would never agree to, no matter the Prime Minister himself was there or His Excellency, the President of Poor Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Again it was the result of his leadership tactics that he led and united the team at root level. Regardless to compare his cricket leadership with the political leadership but still, we have the most corrupt leaders in our Government, doing their best to ruin the country. We should have at least compared the career of Zardari and his Party before their selection.

    PPP have brought the situation in the country that we have seen people dying under the deadly blistering sun, homeless were they in the floods and earthquakes. This dear PPP had taken all the aids to their own homes and placed them before their innocent children. In floods, there was no name heard like Bilawal Bhutto, but now, when the Corrupt Government is to be bulldozed, Mr. Bilawal Bhutto is seen on PTV, helping the people. This is the mockery of the emotions of the poor people, the people who always think about the source to have the next meal whereas Bilawal Sahib reside in Palace, dine 100 dishes at a time and travels in a Business Class. Of course, this is the only key PPP is left with.

    Concluding Para inculcates the history of the politicians and their astonishing switches, i do agree that it has become their matter of routine and so did Nawaz Brothers and all in PPP’s so called led Government. It wouldn’t have been possible for the Zardari,s to stand if they had withdrawn their vote of confidence but they had to fill their stomachs too. It was only Khan who did boycott the Parliament and Cabinet and refused to retain the opposition. Now, the Qureshi,s and Makhdoom,s are joining the PTI, it is pertinent that this is the only way to attain the presidency of this country and do something revolutionary. Please remember that there is always an other side of the mirror and what matters the most is leadership, please appreciate.

    I neither met Imran Khan nor i voted for any party, but i vow to go for vote this time. Regards

    • Any political leaders qualities are judged on the policies that he presents in front of the voters, and since Imran Khan has simply missed on this step, we need to look else where. And I have to disagree with you, the hope of the country are its people, not a man who has no clear cut agenda and sits in the laps of the Taliban’s.

      Sir, you have every right to disagree with my points, it is after all your basic right! However, that doesn’t mean that common sense should be thrown out of the window. As per your analysis, we should give every men who ever took a constructive step towards humanity a chance to be our leader! What are your views about Maria Stopes then or Edhi, she has been working for a very long while! Or what about the many sweepers… you do realize that they perform a very important task by keeping our sewers clean! Until the 16th century, there was no concept of proper gutters and their maintenance in Europe! They sure deserve a salute! Just because a man did some remarkable work, doesn’t mean he is capable of doing every other job as well! There is a huge difference between the scale of the two, a Government and a cancer hospital! There is no proof of the accusation you put forth regarding the Prime Minister! So I will not talk about that point of yours in my reply!

      As for your third para, the Earthquake of 2005 should be vivid in your memory, it was concentrated in a section of the country as compared to the floods which took their toll on 3 provinces. The victims of that Earthquake are still waiting for the promises made by Musharraf and company. Imran Khan doesn’t seem to notice their plight, despite the fact that at that point he was the only Political party working or whose leadership was in the country and had a sincere chance of bringing about a change if they wanted to!
      FYI, Imran Khan came to Karachi in a private jet! That is beyond comparison to Business Class!

      Well, maybe you have a point in your last para, this is the only way to win a Presidency. But this is definetly not the way to bring a change!

      • That’s so true and wise I would say, but the question arises over here is that what does Imran Khan present in front of the voters? However, he could not practice the political phenomenon i.e. Government but he is “your elsewhere” as you stated in your first para and he belongs to the people of this country not from Africa or Jail, sorry for direct words as its necessary to go with.

        I have not thrown your common sense anywhere my dear, it is too your right as of mine. The points, again I would disagree with are Maria Stopes, Edhi and Sweepers. If anyone wants to bring change, he/she should come a step ahead as changes are never brought being home. Forget about the Europe and the history of the gutters’ cleaners and trend setters thereof, let it be pertinent that the sweepers of this very country will never come up with the agendas and whatsoever. Of course they deserve the salutes and even more than that, but who salutes them? our Government? the Gillanis? or Mr. 20%? If i salute them, you salute them, please stand with this point that two or two hundreds salutes can’t encourage them. They are being neglected and will be which is of course aching, I agree too. Anyways, this is not the agenda herein. If you do not consider Khan capable of being the President than please put the facts over here as on what grounds you consider him for.

        The proof of the accusation of Prime Minister, God forbid I didn’t say His Excellency, is available only if we accept. The World Cup was settled. This is not my point dear, whole world knows it. It is we who sold them the Cup otherwise it would have been in our library now. I have been Assistant Director in Cabinet Division, Pakistan Secretariat, Islamabad and have seen every bit of the corruption (the matter of routine of PPPP) with my eyes. I have seen all the episodes of the Drama being performed in Cabinet and Assembly under the big big picture of Jinnah. I have seen how the files are buried and the evidences are removed on account of the %age earned thereof. This is not a bluff, this is the fact I have seen with my eyes and I left the 17th Grade job which no one ever even think of to do. See, we have nothing left in our country now, but still the Government exists. The change could be brought in the very 1st year of the Government, the poor led Government, only if there had been opposition. Even today if Nawaz Sharif does bycott, the change will come, but no it can never be done as he has proved himself LOTA and so do the others all.

        If Imran Khan uses the private jet, it is from his own pocket not from our taxes dear. He has taken nothing from the Government as the Bhutto family does. Forget about the business class and innocent Bilawal, lets come to PIA. What happened to PIA? Faryal Talpur is going to introduce her own Airline “Indus Airline” in Pakistan (AAaahh..!! the poor child of Jinnah). Whose prerogative is to protect PIA? your’s? mine? or Khan’s? No dear, this is the prerogative of the President and Prime Minister of which they always remain slipshod. Mr. 20%, very loyal to his blood than the country, have gifted every bit of PIA to her beloved sister that I think is appreciable and I appreciate that as no brother on the surface of earth would do.

        This is not to win the presidency, this is to win Pakistan.

        Stay Blessed.

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