I refuse to become a PTI Troll……. I have more sense than that! – Part 1

Politics is a dirty game, and more than that it is a game that requires wit, cunningness and the recognition of the opportunity when it comes in front of you. Imran Khan, right now, is doing the same, however whether that opportunity is worth the risk is another debate. But there is no doubt that his popularity has today risen to a level where if you are not a Pakistan Tahreek-i-Insaaf supporter, you are bound to get some serious lashing and ultimately leading to the conclusion, “Oh that means you are a Zardari supporter”, *SIGH* (But more on PPP later).

Image from: chowrangi.com

In its initial days, there was little buzz regarding this party and the supporters that you would find on the streets were few and far between. His charismatic appeal was still his Cancer hospital and the 1992 World Cup victory. But beyond this, there is little in him that can attest to his leadership qualities.

Founded in the year 1996, the man’s leadership capabilities were being judged by the way he led the team in 1992, and as the only victory to his name, there was little or nothing more to attest to his Political Career. The initial members who joined the party were much in awe of this man. But there was another reason as well, or so is my analysis.  Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street

I wanted to write something about it for a long time, and during some research for this subject, I found some great images that I just really wanted to share with all of you! These images, and this movement, means so much to me, and isn’t every struggle a prove of our existance, of our being alive, of our passion, and the strength of the human spirit? I don’t know if they would succeed or not, but I know that every struggle is a step in waking up the human spirit and giving it a jolt, and that has been done for sure! 

Image from: occupythegame.com

Image from: occupythegame.com

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Sorry for the disappearance!

It’s been a very long time since I have written anything, and the major reason for this has been that I have been busy like hell with some personal stuff. And while I am not done with it yet, lets just say that it has been put aside for the time being.

But the good news has been that I have been reading up on a lot of things lately, so the way things have been done on this blog and other would change considerably!

So keep tuned!