The so very blessed month of “Ramadan”

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The very blessed month of “Ramadan” or “Ramazan” (adjust as per your accent) has evolved a lot from being the innocent month of Ramzan (as per my Urdu dialect). The blessed month of Ramzan has been captured and chained under the banner of “Blessed Month”, in a fact, let me tell you just how blessed this month is.

This month is so blessed that,

  1. We only work half the day.
  2. We decide that our Education time should be cut by half.
  3. We waste ourselves after coming home by sleeping till the much blessed “Iftar”time.
  4. In a fact the month is so blessed that there is in a fact a race to get home after the office hours, which includes all sorts of rudeness.
  5. Not only this, this month is so blessed that we need to remind people that we are fasting every single time someone tells us to do something, it needs to be reminded that we have a “roza”.
  6. The month is so blessed that people would neglect work by spending extraordinary time on every prayer.
  7. This month is so blessed that people would stuff themselves silly with the blessings of God.
  8. And last but not the least, this month is so blessed that by the time the month ends you have an upset stomach – thanks to all the “blessings”!


14 thoughts on “The so very blessed month of “Ramadan”

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  3. As someone who has evolved and adapted to a rather industrious routine ever since Ramazan (the only pronunciation that should be legal, btw) began, I’ve been under this serene superiority complex due to the fact that I can safely differentiate myself from the simpletons whom you appear to criticise above. Hear me out!

    I work 3 jobs (teaching, run my own firm and a night shift) and exercise every day, fasting or no fasting. I offer full prayers (or sometimes 4 😦 ) plus taraveeh (the 10 day one, lasts two whole hours) and try to keep a healthy diet in spite of the onslaught of fried foods everywhere. So speaking directly as someone who does all this, I can assure you that in spite of the unfortunate company that you witnessed and based your observations on, not everyone’s a ‘starvation sloth’ during this blessed month. Some folks actually take pride and joy in the challenge – so it is not just about learning patience, it’s about discovering the exhilaration of witnessing your own limits.

    Golly, I wrote a long reply! :O

    • Thanks for the detailed reply.. And thanks for stopping by and posting!

      First of all Harris, let me congratulate you on being one of the rare exceptions in the “Pak”land. No doubt, it is a ray of bright light and humble practice, sure to be rewarded for. But let me also tell you, that all that you are is an EXCEPTION! And exceptions are mostly written about in history books….long after they are gone!

      I am sure this gloating of your personal traits would have done much good to your ego boost, but the fact of the matter remains that I have not written about Exceptions! I have written about the general trend seen in every RAMZAN! I would have preferred that you have would have taken the post in good humor, and tried to understand the facts and the reality behind it! I doubt that even you can deny it!

      BTW, I am very curious to know your reasons for making your spell the legal spell for RAMZAN!

  4. Ramazan is how the Arabs pronounce it. We even recite it that way in the prayer right before breaking fast.

    As for my ego, there is none when I am blessed to be constantly surrounded by a group of extremely industrious people at my work place (#3) who inspired me to man up to the routine, thus me saying that your generalisations are certainly not the norm. Of course, I didn’t mean to disparage your observations here at all, just that it comes across as a little unfair when you could have made a tiny passing reference about the considerable number of people who do respect this holy month just for the sake of sounding objective.

    Also, yes… I like to gloat. You don’t?

    • But we are not arabs or are we? And as I said, I don’t write about exceptions… I write about General trends…

      And no I don’t gloat!

        • I don’t know where did this come from, but I agree with you… So take your own advice.. stop butchering your accent for some imaginary linkage of your mother tongue with Arab’s and just keep saying RAMZAN…. and leave my blog alone!

          • Actually, our mother tongue contains countless etymologies from the Arabic language, and had you paid any attention to your Urdu qaida, you’d have put in the time to pronounce your Zwaads right.

            Also. Why the anger? “STOP DISAGREEING WITH ME!” is what you scream at anyone who ever debates with you? Yikes…

          • Yes, from arabic, persian, english, greek, turkish, sanskrit, and thus getting its own identity which is unique, so acknowledge that uniqueness!

            I don’t like argument for the sake of argument which you are doing right now!

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