I can’t think the way you think!

I remember this one incident, I was in the van with a few of my class mates… we were out for a workshop for a week in Khairpur. It was around 10 am or something – and I am just not a nice person at that time – and we were on the road, off to our work site.

And now since our site was a rural, village site, it wasn’t surprising that on the road we were met with a gang of cows….. So I am looking at this herd of cows, stuck in this limbo with modern roads and immense fields on the side, and with our car honking at them.

The excitment in the car, no doubt, escalted at this, which is shocking considering that we are not in kindergarten. Anyways, out of no where I think out aloud, “What must these cows be thinking?”

Fluffy taking a bath - The younger years!

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The so very blessed month of “Ramadan”

Muslims waiting for sunset during Ramadan in C...

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The very blessed month of “Ramadan” or “Ramazan” (adjust as per your accent) has evolved a lot from being the innocent month of Ramzan (as per my Urdu dialect). The blessed month of Ramzan has been captured and chained under the banner of “Blessed Month”, in a fact, let me tell you just how blessed this month is.

This month is so blessed that,

  1. We only work half the day.
  2. We decide that our Education time should be cut by half.
  3. We waste ourselves after coming home by sleeping till the much blessed “Iftar”time. Continue reading