People, I am filing a Civil Lawsuit against KESC .. who is with me?

People, I have had enough! And I say this with complete seriousness! Because this time I really have had enough!

And let me unabbreviate the word KESC for the lucky people out there in the world who have had never had to suffer the wreath of Karachi Electric Supply Corporation – the K.E.S.C!

After suffering for .. let me count.. no .. actually let me restate myself … after enjoying electricity for a mere 4 hours in 24 hours, that too in bits and pieces as KESC played games with us. The games included giving us the hope that we finally have electricity before turning it off again within half an hour – a cruel joke my friends!

But the ultimate consequence of this instant was summer of “Games with KESC” was that we have lost a fan, we now have a UPS on its last breath, a father whose frown gets tighter and tighter every time the UPS has been working for more than 2 hours, a mother who is busy going from one room to the other turning one fan after the other as the game begins, the loss of data and work from my  computer and eventually and the most significant of this loss has been, THE LOSS OF SANITY!

So now I plan to take a course of action against these #@#%$&^#!@#… and that course of action is….. stay with me people ….


Although no such study has been ever done, but it is understandable and obvious as per the case study done above (my house) that the unannnounced* shutting down of Electricity has meant that many of the electic appliances, as well as the daily routine of many a people everyone is being disrupted! This amount if tabulated nationwide might be in millions of rupees, and a good 5 figure digit for a regular household!

*We the citizens of this country are very simple people who have learnt to be content with simple wishes, therefore notice the use of the word “unannounced”. We only demand – at least for the time being – that the loadshedding should be announced! 

It has caused millions of appliances to burn out due to constant loadshedding, fluctuation of voltage or being thrown against a wall!

SO people I am looking for all those brave souls out there who are ready to join my cause! All of us jointly file a case against this damn KESC**! And teach them about the thee power of the people… hmm so volunteer.. anybody.. anyone out there!

**Background noise from my father “Bloody stupid idea.. doesn’t the bloody Chief Justice of Pakistan of Sindh so efficient in taking suo moto notice see this happening… can’t he bloody do anything.. thieves.. all of them are bloody freaking thieves!”

2 thoughts on “People, I am filing a Civil Lawsuit against KESC .. who is with me?

  1. You may count me in! Last night KESC caused me damages worth at least 83,000 when their substation (which is always left unsecured) was robbed of its’ neutral cables which caused extra voltage that burnt my AC, Laptop, DVD player, TV and wireless router. So, where do I sign up? 🙂

    • Welcome aboard mate! The official sign up forms are being printed and once again stupid KESC is causing havoc with it,… but don’t worry, as soon as they are printed you would be officially aboard!

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