Mr. MQM Leaders, both in and outside the country with their British Passport.. if you may please answer the following Questions?!

Dear Mr. MQM Leaders, both in and outside the country with their British Passport,

My Salutations to you, which are to be followed with a lot of questions, which I hope that you would be able to find time to answer among all the bloody target killing politics that you have to deal with.

I hope that you would not take any hard feelings towards these and would treat them as nothing more, but the thinking of an idle mind who was stuck at home for 4 days because of the things in the city caused by your rift with ANP noble plans to rid the city of the terrorist that live in a certain hill in the city! Therefore my first question to you follows the very reasonable question regarding your cause.

  1. Why have you taken upon yourself to rid the city of these terrorist that live in a certain city?
  2. Why are you so whiny demanding to the extent of being stubborn, like a 16 year old dumb chick?
  3. What makes you so special that you think that only, as per your words, you deserve the urban centers of Sindh deserve the Local Government Ordinance?
  4. Why does this bullshit terrorist attacks caused by people living in the hills happens in Karachi only?
  5. I know it is a hard decision to be made, so why don’t you for once and forever flip a coin and decide if you are in the Government or not?
  6. Why are you so whiny?
  7. So let me get this straight, the Commisionary System is a British system symbolic of its slave mentality, but Local Ordinance Act 2001 of General Pervaiz Musharraf is the symbol of democracy?????????
  8. Why can’t you guys ever cut the drama?
  9. Does it ever makes you wonder that the people killed by numbers is being done because of you and your people?
  10. Why are you guys so whiny?
  11. Is part of your political agenda to make the city from a Cosmopolitan to a Single-ethnic-politan?

I guess this is all the questions that I have at the moment. Any more questions would once again be referred to you in the hopes of being answered in a civil manner, not involving any weaponry which does not inject ink!


4 thoughts on “Mr. MQM Leaders, both in and outside the country with their British Passport.. if you may please answer the following Questions?!

  1. It takes two make a quarrel and many to make a hell hole out of a city, as is the state of Karachi these days. First of all you seem to think that one political party is cause of all the problems. This could not be father from truth. Especially in the case of Kati Pahari issue. Its the ANP supporters who have illegally encroached upon the land and have surrounded the colony that has been there for ages. Thus cutting off all passages into and out of it. If you had been a resident of the colony you would know how teeming with risk the ordinary lives of people are over there. Try going to work in the morning or return home from your jobs or even go on an outing with your family when there are sniper like ANP guerillas ready to shoot you down because you happen to be of a certain ethnic minority (and Yes Urdu speaking ppl are in minority incase you didn’t know). It’s the Govt responsibility to clear the land of these ANP mafia who have made illegal kattchi abadis and their sole aim is further encroach upon the colony land which happens to be inhabited for ages by urdu speaking ppl.

    • I agree with you Rehana, yes ANP is wrong, and yes they have encroached many parts of the city! But please lets not act so naive and imagine that MQM is not guilty of similar crimes in this city! What happened in this city after Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza’s statement only goes on to show that this one political party can cause enough havoc in this city to make it come to a halt!

      Are the ANP killing Muhajihirs… I am not sure, but as a guess, I would say most probably yes! But then it is also my belief, that the Pathans are currently at the Defensive side! And it is about time that they should be!

      And lady, where are you getting your stats from? The Pathans in this city are not in the majority… ! The so called lands inhibited for ages by Urdu speaking could not be more than 65 years old! And then too they encroached it!

      What can I say, History has a way of repeating itself!

    • Even if I get the answers to these questions, I am pretty sure I won’t get to tell the answers! Thanks though!

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