Old Age is a bitch!

My dadi (Paternal grandmother) after spending a week in the hospital, finally came home this Sunday, something that she really wanted for herself! But within 12 hours, her condition had once again deteriorated so much that she needed to be rushed to the hospital.

Old age is a curse. Image from: merinews.com

And I have to say it, it is time that we accept that this might be the end for her. She is suffering, and is in so much pain that it really makes one wonder how can one even bear this much pain!

How can one even tolerate this much torture.. yes I cal it a torture. Torture for the soul and torture to your own self.

She was a woman who would not sit still, and always kept herself busy with her kids or her household chores. She was a typical Punjabi Woman with her typical prejudices that a lot of people of that time carried.

For example, she would not dare have a maid in the house, or even if there was one, dishes were not to be washed by her, since she doubted there cleanliness.

She would not have ever tolerated a non-muslim to enter her house, or use her toilet, or have them touch her or share the same plates with them.

She would not have dared have some one take care of her or take her to the washroom. She was a proud woman.

But over the years she has had to let go of her ego in a lot of areas. She has been forced to do all that she would never have consented to, because she simply has no choice.

And knowing my dadi, and being her grand-daughter, I can say for sure that it must be hurting her ego every second.

So all I wish now is that she gets some peace… let it be in any form.. but she needs peace!

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