Karachi under siege?

“Is there a foreign hand involved in these attacks?”

“Can this possibly be an American attack?”

“Is Israel or RAW involved in it?”

“Why did they rush the Chinese out of the base?”

“Is this related to Baluchistan or the fact that the Gwader Port was only handed yesterday to the Chinese?”

The attack on PNS Mehran. Image from:dawn.com

Any major event in Pakistan goes hand in hand with the conspiracies that surround it. The attacks today at the P.A.F base is not indifferent to this rule!

The attack on such a highly secured establishment definitely raises several questions, besides also furthering damaging the reputation of the army and the intelligence. And it is therefore, despite all the tragedy that took place, I feel a sense of happiness.

The bloody civilians of this country have had enough! We have suffered enough because of this Frankenstein Monster that we seem to have created.

This army, has used this threat over the years to get the lion’s share in our budget, against another self-created image of a threat: India. And the Frankenstein has acted very much in keeping India at it’s toe as well. And we have used this monster many a times. The recent Mumbai attacks being the most recent example.

But now the monster is out to get the creator itself. It has been deceived and the hurt is not to be contained. But that’s hardly an issue I create about!

I care about the fact that these bloody military and all its wings have taken up our roads, have made it difficult for us to move around, they treat us as shit, and lie and deceive us. They shoo us off the road when their bloody convoy is going, and all of this is being done on the basis of the assumed fact that they are better than us, because they have the ability to protect us!

They have pretended to be the Messiah not only on the battle field but in the Political Arena as well, and each and every time they have failed miserably. They have failed and we have had to pay the price or clear their mess for them. The recent example being the Abbottabad case, and even in that, the Parliament and the Government had to come forward to do the damage control, or back when in 1971, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, had to go and save the 75,000 soldiers left to die in India, despite claims from the Army till a day before that they are winning the bloody war!

And now we are to expect from this army – the 7th biggest in the world – who battled 4 –only bloody “4” terrorists – for 18 hours to safeguard me!

No sorry, I don’t and I won’t. It’s time that the army and it’s role over the last 60 years be evaluated and then it be given the share it deserves.

Let them continue enjoying their Golf Clubs and Private Parties, the public will deal with this too!

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