Of some different relationships!

One thing that my dadi’s (paternal grandmother) illness has taught me, is that there are things beyond blood relationships!

Don’t get me wrong, its not like I hadn’t already figured this out in the 25 years of my existence, but sometimes the pain that you see or the care that you see from other people, is only due to your association with the said ill person.

But in my dadi’s case, she has been able to form such bonds of love with people, that what unraveled today couldn’t be described as something short of “pure innocence”.

Haroon, my dad’s physiotherapist was hired two years ago to help my dadi recover her leg, which she broke during a fall. Lets just say, in our family, we had a joke about dadi seeking ways to fall down.

But then, she just got sick, and although haroon was a big help in all these years, I would have never imagined that today, when the news was broken to him, he would lock himself in the washroom, and cry! Sadness, yes that I assumed would take hold of him, but this sort of emotions I just wasn’t ready for!

Love and relationships really don’t restrict themselves, they go far and beyond, and they go far and beyond one’s own existence.

Thank you Dadi, even at this stage in your life, you are still teaching me!

Hope your pain ends soon!

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