Things that help: Writing

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Continuing on the thread from tomorrow, let me share with you one of the things that truly help’s me in venting out and as a result calming myself down when I am in shit or when I am feeling shitty or when life all around is generally shitty.

And that magical thing people is writing! I love writing! Did you know that about me! I just love to write! (Note to self: Add this in my About page, which you need to visit ASAP, if you haven’t already)

It’s the sort of thing that helps me pour my heart out! I am good with words and expressing myself in words, and not the spoken kind, people! I mean the kind that comes out from my pen, and now my keyboard!

And I can honestly say nothing helps me more than writing! 

I have tons of journals that I have kept from my teenage years! I think I started maintaining one from the age of 12.

The name of my first journal was inspired by a book I read. It was a story of a  girl from Bosnia, Zlata, and thus named Zlata! And the second one was obviously named after Anne, after Anne Frank!

Zlata's Diary. Image

And you know, journals are a great way to understanding yourself. They are a great way of finding yourself even, when after ages you seem that you have somehow lost yourself, courtesy of all the shit that life has thrown your way!

So because of this realization people, I am vowing to write everyday! I would be writing and sharing whatever random thought crosses my mind that day! I might not be able to post it here everyday! God knows, in Pakistan you can hardly ever make any promises which are dependent on Electricity!

But nonetheless, something would be written everyday! And I hope some of you would be able to appreciate it!

I would love to hear back from you people!

Take care for the night!

P.S To the few brave souls who have decided to keep tabs on me by following this blog, I thank you and welcome you! Hopefully we would make it through the insanity together!

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