Are we Screwed yet?The scenario for Pakistan Post-Osama!

It’s been a lot over 12 days now since the death of the most wanted man in the world! I know that the world and blogosphere simply went nuts after his death, but I wanted to wait for a while before I can say anything on it. The reason for this was simply that I wanted the dust of conspiracies to settle down!

However, this settling of the dust should in no way be confused with the truth being out or something. This is simply due to the realization, that whether it was the real Osama or not, it only means one thing for Pakistan, which is



Let’s work out the two possible scenarios first shall we:-

  1. The Osama was fake: Hmm, so some random guy was made the sacrificial goat that was kept at that compound by the Americans and then was killed by the Americans. The possible reasons to do this? To come up with a reason to make Pakistan the next Afghanistan, and to prove to the world that we are the next biggest threat!

Also the constant denial of the Pakistani Government and the ISI did not in any way help the case, but it only goes on to prove that either we knew we and we hid it! Or we are just some incompetent bastards!

  1. The Osama killed was real: People, now this scenario is a bit more complicated. In brief it means that we knew, we hid, and therefore we will be screwed.

In detail, however, it requires us to get into the history of our Intelligence Services (ISI). They have been called one of the most influential and know it all sort of machinery. So them not knowing that the most wanted man is living in a Cantonment town is something very highly unlikely.

The role of ISI has been very very fishy, and it has been an open secret that they are sympathetic to the cause of the Mujahedeen. And again there are two reason for it:

  1. They weer all brainwashed by Zia-ul-Haq.
  2. IBy keeping the threat of the Mujahaideen and the Taliban alive they can easy milk some money out of Daddy Sam!

So the possibility of ISI hiding OBL is very much likely.

But I have a third theory. I believe that whether real or not, whether ISI knew or not, there is a very good chance that some of the top level officials knew about it.

And the game had been in the process for a while even! Remember the first thing that Prime Minister Gillani had to take back! That was about the ISI! At that time he was on his way to America and he was made to take back the orders before leaving. Any idea what he must have done after landing in USA? You bet your sweet ass he bitched about how the ISI was a state within a state.

But with this opportunity.. Yes I call it an opportunity, for the first time the army and the ISI have been blown away! They have been pushed back and the entire country for the first time is actually against the army (50 people with placards a chanting pro-ISI slogan doesn’t count). And today’s apology the ISI chief was truly a remarkable start to the whole drama!

Is the USA coming to bomb us? Maybe or maybe not! The blow to USA economy due to its strategy in Afghanistan and Iraq has been pretty major, but who knows maybe Uncle Sam has some Ace stuffed up its ass!

3 thoughts on “Are we Screwed yet?The scenario for Pakistan Post-Osama!

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