“Yes, my Privacy settings mean a lot to me!”

So yes, I am a private person, and I don’t like sharing a whole lot with the entire world! I have few friends in real life with whom I prefer to share a lot! And then there only one or two with whom I share everything!

And I think that holds true for most of us!

The same attitude is a practice of mine on FB as well! And therefore it is very difficult for me to explain to people when they come up to me and say, “Dude we can’t see that(insert whatever you like here) on your (FB) profile”!

Even my mother has complained to me about this.

But the fact of the matter remains, that I am a very private person, and I guard my privacy above everything else!

I have almost my entire family on FB, and then I have some of my most closest friends on it as well. And you can’t always expect your friends to say the most audience-appropriate thing, so yes a lot of things have to get censored! 

And then there are the albums! I don’t want everyone to know about how I am with my friends or family! Plus there are certain events that only have importance for certain people, so yes I block out a whole lot of people from viewing my albums!

And then there is the whole line of people that you gather in your list over the years! And honestly, I get a bit weird about having more than 200 friends on my FB! I mean who even are these people! So after every few months, very religiously I delete people I am no longer in touch with, or those I added but yielded no solid friendships!

So, people understand that social networks are simply an extension of your organic relationships! And just because you are on my FB doesn’t mean we are BFF’s!

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